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Weekend style is a tricky business. All you want to do is spend 48 hours in sweats and see how long you can get away with not showering, but then you remember that you do still have to spend time in the world and look remotely put together. Luckily, as a girl who spends most of her days blogging on the couch and having meetings via Skype, “weekend” casual (who am I kidding? I’m wearing this most weekdays as well.) is an art I’ve pretty well perfected.

These picks aren’t hypothesis – each and every one of these pieces is 100% road-tested, and it’s safe to say I’m wearing at least 3 of the 5 on any given Sunday. I’m telling you, just add a great scarf and you’re done.

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Jennifer ultra-skinny legging, Kut from the Kloth. You might have seen me lamenting on social media that I hadn’t bought these in every available color when I first ordered them. I’ve since remedied that, and friends –  truly, if I could get away with wearing them every single day, I would. Comfy as leggings, but enough clever camouflage (back pockets, thick fabric) to let you get away with them in a few more settings. Learn from my mistake and just order the charcoal and black at the same time. I promise, you’ll want both.

Weekend Tunic, InStyle Essentials. Cotton button-downs are the secret agony of every curvy girl. We all want that loose, “I borrowed this from my boyfriend” look, but if a curvy girl sizes up, it just makes you look big all over. This tunic is sized to correspond with your bra size. I don’t understand how it works, but my 34D fits in the bust, nips in at the waist, doesn’t gape at the stomach when I sit down, and covers my backside. And though part of me wishes it had long sleeves, the rest of me knows that I’d just be rolling them up all the time anyway. Ignore the photos…it’s much better in person.

Open cardigan, Three Dots. If you’re going to try to get away with leggings in daylight, a long cardigan is key. I especially adore this one because it’s sneaky. Between all of that textural interest in the fabric and the contrast trim that reminds me of a schoolboy blazer, the whole thing looks so polished that no one will notice it’s basically a sweatshirt. (A few more very excellent options right here.)

Deneuve crossbody, Hayden-Harnett. It’s no secret that I’m a longtime fan of HH. They just do it right – bags that don’t look like anyone else’s, that go with everything and last forever, and in leather so soft and squishy that I’ve had more than a few friends ask to pet them. (True story.) My oversized hobos are starting to hurt my shoulder (ah, aging…it’s wonderful), so the Deneuve has come along just in time. And truly, it’s my new weekend obsession. That oxblood color is deeper and more matte in person, and somehow it goes with absolutely everything. It holds an impressive amount for such a small bag, and doesn’t get in my way when I’m walking the dog or elbowing my way through the farmers’ market.

Petty boot, Sam Edelman. If I’m completely honest, I was dearly hoping these Hudson Mirar booties would be my winners for the fall, as they’re pretty wonderful to look at, and the heel’s just exactly right. But some size 41s are really just size 10s in disguise, sent to try those of us with big feet. Since I already own (and love) these Sam Edelmans in another color, I’m seriously considering buying a second pair in black, which is about the highest form of praise I know.

What are your weekend style secrets? I’d love a little outside inspiration…I’ll need something to wear while my leggings are in the wash.

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8 comments on “the how-to: weekend casual

  1. Sarah

    Thank you for this post! I have been scouring the internet for good leggings. I am always in between 2 sizes – would you size up or down?

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  3. Mary

    Just ordered the shirt, cardi and leggings. They’re sold out in my size for the leggings so I went up instead of down, I hope I can make it work. Saw your comment too late. I bought the Bobbi brown repair cream on your recommendation and have been visiting your blog ever since.

  4. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    Mary: I’m so glad to hear you liked these suggestions! You might find the leggings are a bit loose, but Shop Adorn is full of nice people – they’ll have no problem exchanging for you 🙂

    I hope you love these new goodies as much as the Bobbi Brown repair cream – isn’t it wonderful?

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