worthy splurge: inhabit fall 2014


The two worthiest splurges in my fall wardrobe, both from Inhabit: 1 | 2

Buy less, splurge more. I’m trying hard to make this my new mantra…not because I’ve recently come into a pot of gold or anything, but because I really think there’s value in reminding myself that if I can resist buying every “bargain” pair of jeans that crosses my path (which then sits unworn in the hilariously-overgrown stacks of denim in my closet) and instead buy the one pair I’ve been ogling all along, I’d probably end up saving money. best cashmere sweater

I’m finding this little allegory particularly true when it comes to my sweaters. Every bargain bin sweater I’ve nabbed over the years just languishes at the bottom of my drawer in a big old pile of retail regret. They pill, they snag, they lose their shape…I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that cheap sweaters just make me sad.

So now, every fall I buy one or two (or three) pieces that I know I’ll wear to death, and then I do my best to steer myself away from those clearance racks for the rest of the season. And more often than not, my splurgey pieces come from Inhabit. They just do it right, every single time. The attention to detail, the quality – their amazing designer still makes personal trips to their factories and suppliers to select all of their materials and work with samples. I honestly don’t think anyone else comes close these days.

I treated myself to those two lovelies up top last month, and let me say – they are easily the best buys I’ve made all season. (So good, in fact, that I ended up returning most of the sweaters I bought at the Anniversary Sale to help justify the cost.) That double-faced navy sweater coat has been a lifesaver in this weird California fall climate. I can pair it with jeans (flares and skinnies, in fact!), black pants or even a tee and leggings, and it just immediately makes me feel pulled together. And it’s no secret I’ve been searching for the perfect pink sweater for ages, but this gorgeous version is exceeding all expectations. Even the color name – damask – just puts me into a swoon. I am obsessed with the sheer mohair sleeves and back, which turn what could easily be a schlubby pullover into something fashion-forward (and the layering options are basically endless). It doesn’t hurt one bit that this one gets compliments left and right.

Neither of these is a steal, I’ll grant you that. But when I think about all of the mediocre options I’ve amassed over the years, I’d trade them all in a heartbeat for either of these pieces.

What about you, friends? Are you ready to banish those sad sweaters with me?

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2 comments on “worthy splurge: inhabit fall 2014

  1. Kim chu

    Thinking about snagging a final sale sweater; how does Inhabit fit? Generous sizing like Eileen Fisher or smaller, and more true to size like J. Crew?

  2. Shopping's My Cardio

    Kim: I’d say quite true to size, but some of their styles are designed to be roomier. Trust the models – if it looks loose and flowing on them and you want a trimmer fit, size down. Otherwise, stick with what you’d buy in J.Crew (but don’t size down – no vanity sizing here!).

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