random fall finds

since we’re a bit behind, i thought i’d do a quick mega-post of some things i’ve come across recently and thought “i have to show those to my readers when i’m back!”

it’s finally, officially fall where i live – it’s my favorite season, and i can hardly wait to break out the scarves, cashmere sweaters and boots (yes, the flat boots have finally won my heart).  i have a respectable collection of both after last year’s gluttony, but there are a few pieces i just know i’ll need sooner than later.

i fell hard for this beautiful patchwork scarf by echo designs ($78) when i saw the above photo in a catalog recently.  in fact, i adored it so much that i honestly couldn’t believe it was the same scarf when i looked it up on echo’s website – from those pics, i’d have never given this one a second glance.  to settle the score, i asked echo to send it along so i could check it out in person (a dirty job, i know).  readers, in person, this scarf is absolutely gorgeous.  perfect color palette, great patterns, and lightweight, gauzy wool i can hardly wait to bundle up in.  trust me on this! (for better pics, go here. also, a great picture of the red & yellow version here.)

Picture 1

splendid actually makes a quite good cashmere, and their prices aren’t horrible ($209 for this one).  this shadow stripe v-neck breaks all of the rules about horizontal stripes – the neutral color combo is sure to keep the look flattering.  and wouldn’t you love to see this under a blazer?

Picture 2

this season, i’ve abandoned (or, have made up my mind to abandon) my grey cardigan obsession, and am now after a camel version*.  camel can stand up to grey any day as an unexpected, classic neutral, and it goes with literally everything. this option by brochu walker ($325) doesn’t really qualify as a cardi, as it’ only a half-buttoned option.  but i adore the soft, drapey neckline and the thumbholes on the sleeves – both seriously cozy features, which is what i’m after this time of year.

(*in a perfect world, i’ve actually found my camel cardigan…now i just need to find the $500 to bring it home!)

and, yes, boots.  so far, these are the style i’m most loving for fall.  i’ve loved frye’s paige boot for years, but this season’s distressed grey version ($345) might just be too much for me to resist.  the only thing holding me back is the fact that that gorgeous front detail will never see the light of day, as i still refuse to tuck my jeans into my boots (a trend best left to ladies without hips).

so, what are you craving for fall?

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10 comments on “random fall finds

  1. Melissa W.

    Okay, back with a vengeance much? Gorgeous! That scarf would make a great consolation to never finding myself another Epice. The only problem is picking one.

  2. A

    I so love my Frye Paige boots and seriously considered them in this grey a few weeks ago… then the spouse fell over because apparently I was musing out loud. MISTAKE. I wear my black ones with skirts and dresses because I still cannot do the jeans tucked in thing. Incredibly versatile. Also, if you have a Gap, Banana, or Old Navy card, I believe you can currently get 10% off every Tuesday at all of those stores AND Piperlime.

  3. shoppingsmycardio

    melissa – at that price, you can get two, and still save money versus that lovely epice you missed out on!
    and miss A – it’s such a bummer that the 10% discount doesn’t apply to frye…unfair!

  4. Grand Mademoiselle

    Love, love the Frye boots. I just did a post on the ‘Lark’ by Tashkent, which is similar. I’m loving gray suede for fall/winter, and that’s a first for me. Definitely a must have, as well as the Dolce Vita ‘Nathan’ and the Corso Como ‘Duluth’ – I’ve gone boot crazy! Missed you, btw.

  5. Ruth B

    I absolutely adore the grey boots. They seem to be out at Piperlime, but now I’m on a mission….even at that price. Don’t tell my husband! 😉

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