what i want one of these days…

i am not a boot girl, or a heels girl, or a (gasp) athletic footwear girl.  i may love them all in theory, but the reality is that i wear flats.  every day, rain or shine, my go-to shoe is the ballet flat.  however, now that i’m living in a much brisker climate, i think it’s time to admit that i may have to turn in my flats for the winter, in favor of something a touch more weather-friendly.  but, as i’m also living in a much less fashion-forward climate, none of my heeled boots are going to do the trick either.  so, i’m faced with the dilemma of purchasing potentially very expensive footwear that i know may never actually leave my house.  but i want to give it a go.

what i want:  these amazing taupe riding boots at barneys (left, $480) are calling my name oh-so-seductively…as are these equally stunning grey belted boots (center, $480) from coclico (the pics at shopbop are vastly superior, but the price is lower at piperlime, so they win).

what i bought:  for now, i’ve taken the hubs’ advice, and picked up a pair that’s more budget-friendly (cough, cheaper, cough) to test my fashion flexibility.  these cognac suede boots (right, $133 after discount) remind me a lot of the classic campus by frye, but at less than half the price (especially when you factor in the $25 discount AND the free vogue subscription with purchase promotions at endless right now).  this way, if i manage to make the style work for me, well, it’s splurge-city, baby. 

i’ll keep you posted on whether my attempt at a recession-friendly fashion decision paid off…

Vogue and Endless.com Special Offfer

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5 comments on “what i want one of these days…

  1. j

    Before I even read the post the last pair was my fav, just for the Frye look. Queen B, nice choice to test out how you feel about boot. I have a feeling its going to be love.
    P.S. I might need to copy you, I only wear heeled boots!

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