what i want today: bold necklaces

i was reading my style bible (instyle magazine) the other day, when i read that women over 30 should not be wearing delicate necklaces (with the exception of a diamond solitaire, natch).  since a certain blogger (moi) is officially over 30 this week, i went on a style mission for a bold necklace.  turns out that anthropologie redeemed itself, and had everything i could hope for.  with marni style for less, these bold necklaces will keep me chic even if i am of a “certain” age.  the baubles are so versatile, i could wear any of them to the office, with my lbd or with a white tank, designer jeans and heels on a date with my husband!

the discus is simply fab – with faceted agate to catch the light, the multiple colors will work with most any hue i am wearing. 

with this beauty, “i’m ready for my close up mr. demille”!  this is a necklace that i would have forever, and could easily become a signature piece. 

while it’s no secret i love the queen b, this necklace is more budget-minded than something miss waldorf would wear.  gorgeous with that turquoise hue, it’s perfect for those budget minded fashionistas worried about the economy. 

check out all of the choice offerings over at anthro for a budget-friendly fix.  no matter which you choose, a bold necklace adds instant style to anything you throw on!

 ~ J

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6 comments on “what i want today: bold necklaces

  1. Meagan

    OK, that’s just hogwash (that over thirty means no delicate necklaces). But I’m an under-30 year old wearing a big bold necklace, so what do I know?

  2. Corporette

    That is absolutely horrifying — that women over 30 can’t wear delicate necklaces? I completely disagree with InStyle. Women over 50, now, that’s another matter, but I feel like there is a lot of room for choice and selection in those two decades inbetween.

    In fact, in my 20s I wore way to many big vintage necklaces — it looked a bit too young and funky for me to go with in my 30s.

    But maybe I’m just feeling old of late — seems like everyone loves the >30 set.

  3. shoppingsmycardio

    you know, i gasped when J told me this as well. but then i realized it was an opportunity more than a mandate – i am completely gutless with my jewelry, so i’m viewing this as a perfect chance to branch out! plus, these days, a necklace is a really inexpensive way to update an outfit – i picked up a great version at forever21 the other day for $7! http://www.forever21.com/category.asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&category%5Fname=acc%5Fnecklace&Page=all

  4. Jessie

    Hey Girls, I took the article with a pinch of salt, but also saw it as an opportunity. I do like to wear a delicate necklace layered with several others, but I prefer bold baubles! Over 30 is fab!

  5. Megan

    I love them as well, just never have the guts to wear them…I try to take my accessories tips from Jessie, she always has great and exciting jewelry. Also, that is weird about being over thirty and not wearing delicate: I say if it makes you feel good, DO IT!

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