what i want today: gorgeous winter coats

i admit…i have a splurge problem when it comes to coats – i figure it’s the first thing people see on me for half the year so i want it to be fabulous.  if i had my way, i’d have a different coat for every day of the winter (i admit – the coat-throwing scenes in the devil wears prada were my absolute favorite).  one of the highlights of fall fashion this year are the really lovely coats i’ve been seeing everywhere, and i can’t help but covet more than a few.

this shawl collar coat from mara hoffman ($695) looks amazingly cozy, but manages to remain chic.  i love the idea of looking great while bundled up in a big, warm blanket!

so many lovely coats at anthropolgie this season, i hardly know where to begin.  but their gorgeous floe and current coat ($498) combines just about everything i’m looking for in a winter staple.  i love the sculptural styling, the bright & cheery color, and check out that lovely butterfly lining (you can see it in the model pic)!

of course, with our credit cards aching this week, i have to give you at least one budget option, don’t you think?  this red wool coat from old navy is a steal at $99, and the styling is a great blend of modern and classic.  that high funnel-neck collar is right on trend this year, but truly, when is a double-breasted wool coat not in style?  the red is a gorgeous shade, and that nipped-in waist will keep you looking tailored and trim no matter how many layers you’re wearing.

Sale at Tobi

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2 comments on “what i want today: gorgeous winter coats

  1. jessie

    Gorgeous coats! I of course love the grey the most. Wish I had one since the husband and I are heading to the frozen tundra of Utah.

  2. Megan

    LOVE the red one from Old Navy and is totally a steal. I wish it was cold here, I miss wearing coats 🙁
    Going to Denver this weekend, maybe it is cold there and I can justify it?!?!

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