ciao bella!

welcome to the fabulous new home of shoppingsmycardio!  if you haven’t already figured this out, it’s time to update your bookmarks and your RSS readers to the new address:

to celebrate the new site, i’m so excited to announce a giveaway, sponsored by the lovely ladies of two sisters jewelry.  i just can’t get enough of their new hammered silver collection – it’s the ultimate summer accessory.  the winner will be receiving this fantastic hammered silver necklace and cuff bracelet!  both are just amazing in person…nothing dresses up a tank top and shorts like one of these gorgeous statement pieces. 

to win, just post a comment below and tell me what you think of the new site.  one entry per person, but if you have a friend come by and enter, and if they use your name in their comment (ie, “love the new site, sarah a. sent me!”), that’ll get you a bonus entry. make sense?  oh, and anonymous comments don’t count, of course.

the contest closes thursday at midnight, and i’ll announce a winner on friday, july 11 – be sure to check back then, as you’ll only have until monday morning to claim your prize!  

in the meantime, there will be lots of other goodies this week to keep you busy too…including more giveaways, and an exclusive interview with shoppingsmycardio favorite rebecca minkoff (complete with a sneak peek at her fall line!).  so, sit back, grab a glass of bubbly, and take a look around…i hope you enjoy the new digs!

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47 comments on “ciao bella!

  1. Grand Mademoiselle

    C’est Magnifique! The new site is tremendous – polished, elegant, and stylish. Love the visuals and ease of navigation, and of course, content is a au courant as ever. I’m crazy about the Peggy Li jewelry. My heartfelt congratulations!

  2. Jamie

    Love, love, LOVE the new site. My favorite way of staying up to date with the fabulous fashion of home even while I’m in the wilds of Delhi.

  3. Nina

    Congrats on the new site! It looks so pretty. Can’t wait for the Rebecca Minkoff interview–I love her designs!

  4. Alison

    I really like the new look, especially the header. It looks like it should be easy to navigate as well. Congratulations on the upgrade!

  5. Katie K

    Congrats on the new and improved website; it’s so much fun! I’m obsessed with the font! The necklace and bracelet are great too!

  6. dalilips

    Your new site is wonderful! I’m so glad to have found someone with whom I relate…Shopping is great exercise! Keep up your good work!

  7. Suzi

    The new site is fab.u.lous! I’m so ordering that flat iron! (and my hair’s less than an inch long I probably can’t use it – but it’s too cool.) And I’m subscribing for all the Shopping’s my Cardio feeds. You’ve done a super job, here!

  8. Donna

    Your site is very cute, great for gift ideas for my daughters. Jessie told me about it.

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  10. Megan

    Love the new site. Jessie Buechel let me know about this fabuloius giveaway, I love it! I will update my link and I check with you daily!


  11. sara l.

    Love the new site…So trendy and sophisticated! I updated my link, so I won’t miss any of your fabulous finds! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  12. J Girl

    Summer fabulosity! A wonderfully mastered site full of all the scrumptious tidbits and tidings that J Girls like us love.
    J Girl 2 (aka Jessie) is the best for turning me on to this site. Congrats & keep up the Fab!”

  13. cat

    what a pretty redesign, i love it. (i especially love the typography of the dates.) will definitely come back everyday to check out what’s new!

  14. Clara

    What a lovely site. Jessie’s friends are so clever. The necklace would be pretty with all my summery dresses in Florida.

  15. Beckie Green

    Love your web site, Jessie Buechel sent me the link. This set would match my simple style ! And it’s my birthday today.

  16. Ashleigh

    I really like your web site, it will be fun to check it all out. Jessie told me about your site. The necklace and bracelet are really pretty.

  17. Staci

    the new site is perfect and i LOVE these pieces!!! i have been looking everywhere for a similar necklace!!

  18. Kristin Baca

    I LOVE your website! My cousin Jessie got me interested in it. I love the Sex in the City name!!!

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