stylish staples: the hoop earring


am i the only one who’s noticed that hoops are back, in a big way?  i’m not sure if they were really gone, or if i’m just suddenly acknowledging them again.  the truth is i’ve never really warmed to hoops.  i’m just not coordinated enough to fasten the ones that connect in the back.  plus, i think the really large ones look a little too, well, ’80s-hair-band-groupie for my taste.  the look is just hard to get right if you go extreme, and the basic versions just seem a little too basic, if that makes any sense.  so, i took it upon myself to round up a few less traditional hoops that i’m digging this season.  

as usual, my first stop was gorjana – they’re always my go-to for beautifully-designed pieces on a budget.  plus, it turns out they’re definitely experts in the non-traditional hoop department.  my picks are that lovely silver bali crown earring (which i’m almost sure i saw on an episode of “brothers and sisters” recently) and the gold g-tear earring.  i love that both designs echo the classic hoop without being basic or dull.  the texturing is fantastic, and the slight tweak to the circle shape in both cases is perfect for anyone whose face could use a little narrowing. oh yeah…and both are under $50.  

if you happen to be more coordinated than i am, those stunning textured organic hoops by kenneth cole are an absolute steal at $32, and will keep you decidedly fashion-forward even in a conservative office.  

for a bit of a splurge, look no further than those wonderful hammered tear earrings by designer michelle lenae.  i am thoroughly amazed by some of the fine jewelry being sold on etsy these days, and these are no exception.  that drop of smokey quartz doesn’t take away from the utilitarian, go-with-anything style this hoop offers, but it definitely makes them stand out from the crowd.

so, what do you think – are you embracing the hoop earring’s return to fame?

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3 comments on “stylish staples: the hoop earring

  1. Ruth B

    Waaaaahhh…I love those hammered teardrop earrings, but I don’t have $200.00 lying around. Le sigh! Hoops are definitely back in style and those are beautiful earrings you have showcased.

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