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i spend, well, a lot of time trying beauty products.  so, i have many “favorite” products – basically anything that makes the cut on my bathroom counter for longer than a week.  but there aren’t very many companies whose products i adore across the board – in fact, i could easily count them on one hand.  but i think it’s time to add a new company to the list.

the science behind caudalie is that all of their products contain nutrients extracted from grape seeds.  the details involve big words like polyphenols, but i figure, since wine is supposed to prevent heart disease, and grapeseed oil is even better for you than olive oil, that’s as far into the chemistry side as i need to delve (plus, i once promised my chem professor that i’d never, ever do anything science-related).  

i’ve spent the bulk of my time with their vinoperfect line, which is designed to make your skin bright, radiant and generally happy.  and it does just that, beautifully.  i have yet to meet a caudalie product that i don’t love – and, in fact, their radiance serum is maybe my favorite serum of all time, which is saying something (i’m a pretty serious serum addict).  and their foaming cleanser is literally the most gentle cleanser i’ve ever tried – it’s like cetaphil, but with better results.

so!  there are a couple of budget-friendly ways to give caudalie a go this week.  first, this fab set at sephora is deeply discounted, and a great way to pick up a sample of everything i love best (except the cleanser):  day cream, night cream, serum and beauty elixir,.  (oh yeah, and use code NATURALBAG to get a mega-sample goodie bag at sephora this week.)  or, if you’d prefer to pick and choose your goodies, the quite wonderful people at caudalie just offered to extend their friends & family discount to you all….but it’s ending today, so shop fast!  just use code VINESALE at checkout, and you’ll score 20% off caudalie’s site plus free shipping!

(oh, and ps…the brand is set to launch a new line called “1st wrinkle” in april – i admit i haven’t spent much time with it yet, but i’m pretty freaking excited about it.), Inc.

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