beauty buzz: exfoliKate-ing

i was raving to the hubs this weekend about how much i love kate somerville’s exfoliKate intensive exfoliating treatment, how it’s my new favorite facial product, how i can’t believe how much better it is than other masks i’ve tried.  dear hubs, in turn (most likely in an effort to get me to stop waxing poetic about beauty products) asked if i’d blogged it.  and i stopped, mid-sentence (just as he’d hoped)…because i couldn’t believe i hadn’t shared this one with you all!

so.  exfoliKate!  it’s basically a super exfoliator/mask that only takes 30 seconds to use.  in addition to regular exfoliating beads, it uses fruit enzymes and other goodies to really and thoroughly scrub every bit of dead, tired skin from your face, and leave you glowy and gorgeous.  of all of the facial masks i’ve tested, this is the one that stays in constant weekly rotation at my house, because i see such a huge difference every single time i use it.

not cheap – $85 for the smaller size (which should comfortably get you 10-15 applications).  but it’s supposed to be “almost” as good as a facial with kate herself.  i haven’t had the pleasure, but i would definitely say it’s “almost” as good as some of the best facials i’ve had.  when you look at it that way, it’s practically a bargain!

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