daring drapes

i’m so very glad to see that all of that gorgeous (but severe) pleating from last fall has transformed into piles of soft draping and grecian-inspired looks this year.  besides looking sophisticated, soft and effortless, all of those flowing pieces translate to some seriously perfect camouflage just where you’d most want it.

even though i’m dreaming of the positively perfect version from derek lam’s fall collection, shopbop has very lovely (and much more budget-friendly) options, so i thought we’d indulge in a little tour.

i don’t do the mini-dress as a rule, but these are so lovely, i might have to make an exception.    what i love about these dresses (besides all of that lovely drape) is the fact that showing a little leg really is all you’re doing.  dresses that are cut low on the bodice and high on the hem can end up looking cheap, but both of these are subtle enough to stay sophisticated.  i’m definitely least bothered by the hem of the berry-hued version, which (thoughtfully) hits at the slimmest part of your thigh – i could see the hem on that lovely green gown being a challenge.  (left, $220 by rachel pally; right, $242 by alice + olivia.)

since my life is less packed with cocktail parties and late-night outings than you’d think (ha!), these lovely grecian tees are far more likely to make my fall must-have list.  kain’s version (left, $93) is about as perfect as i could hope for – i even love the color.  but i’m always a bit skeptical of the one-size-fits-all tee.  the style from monrow (right, $88) is one i think i’d have to see in person…i can’t quite decide if all of that draping on the front is flattering or maybe a tiny bit sloppy (particularly in the boysenberry shade i’d be most likely to fall for).  i’m guessing it’s all in the fit, as usual, and i do think this one has serious potential.

just remember, the trick with drapes is a goldilocks kind of thing.  too few, and the look is messy, not draped.  too many, and that camouflage turns into serious extra baggage.  and definitely keep those folds from piling up in the tummy area!  you want the look to be light, flowing and (seemingly) effortless…and, naturally, slimming.

so, will you be indulging in a little grecian inspiration this fall?

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