the shopbop winter sale is on!

oh, i was going to be lazy and not post today…but then i started browsing shopbop’s latest batch of markdowns, and i just think it’s too good not to share.  definitely worth slacking off at work a bit this morning to browse, but i’ll show off a few of my favorites to get you started:

i’ve finally caved and admitted that the short boot may have a place in my closet after all. this grey suede pair from antik batik (down 50% to $236) might just be the one. i love the low-ish stacked heel, and the low-cut angle at the top of the boot just might get me to try these with a skirt.  maybe.

and as for the green suede pumps?  well, they’re stuart weitzman, they’re 70% off (making them $89), and i can tell you that my own green suede pumps, though they happen to be sigerson morrison, are probably the shoes i’d grab first if my house were on fire.  such a great, happy color, and they’re so much more versatile than you’d think.

if you happen to be after that blazer look, i love this version from seven for all mankind.  the length is infinitely more forgiving than cropped styles, it’s lacking the shoulderpad-and-rolled-sleeves combo that reminds me all too painfully of junior high, and there’s a little spandex in there for the comfort factor.  it’s 30% off now, making it $192 – not a steal, but definitely a worthy buy.

this ella moss dress is a 70% find (just $60!), and just believe me when i say it will be your spring staple.  these abstracted prints (this one’s actually a snakeskin print) are going to be everywhere!  the ruching makes it figure-flattering, and the length is actually presentable!  for now, add a jewel-toned cardi (yellow, emerald or a bright red would be fab!), black tights and yes, maybe a little pair of booties.  perfect!

personally, i’m hoping to take the plunge on a new pair of boots and a few tees i wouldn’t have bought at full price.  these versions from kain, monrow and rachel pally all come with excellent references from the fashion powers that be, in terms of fit and longevity.  they’re so much more chic than anything you’ll find at old navy, and the sale price keeps me from having to cover my eyes when i click “purchase.”

what are you excited to scoop up in this fabulous sale?  (fictional purchases are welcome too!)

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