test case: myskins lingerie

(a little warning:  we’re going to talk bras now, and there are pictures.  so maybe that makes this NSFW, if your boss is a prude…)

with summer fast approaching, invisible underpinnings are going to suddenly go from an ideal to an absolute necessity.  i don’t know about you, but i’m a little past the point in my life at which i want my black bra visible under the thin, tissue-weight tees i’ll be sporting all summer.

but “invisible” is fraught with trouble, too.  i don’t much care for spanx (i know i’m in the minority here), and most other base pieces designed to disappear are utterly unattractive.  plus, “nude” usually means some version of a pinkish peach shade that doesn’t actually match anyone’s skin that i know.

but imagine.  just imagine a company that not only makes them pretty, but also makes them functional.  oh, and they can actually match your skin tone!  this might just be the coolest concept in bras since the push-up.

Picture 8

the company is myskins, and when they gave me the chance to test out their line, i jumped at it (of course!).  they’ll mail you a color chart (or you can just print one online, as i did) to check your skin tone against their options.  pick a color, order your normal size in any of their 3 styles (i found the bras ran very true to size, but size up on the bottoms), and before you know it, a bra perfectly matched t your skin will appear at your door.

myskins sent me the t-shirt bra to test out, and i will say it managed to vanish under even my tissue-iest of tissue tees.  it was really comfy, matched my skin almost perfectly and gave just the right amount of oomph.  the wavy edges confused me at first, but they do a great job of making the seams disappear.  i was also a little worried about the padding levels (yes, i’m easily traumatized), but they were, as goldilocks would say, just right.

full disclosure: i also tried the girl shorts and, while i had high hopes, i wasn’t quite as in love with those.  but i’d chalk that up to the fact that i never end up loving seamless bottoms (can we stop saying “panty,” please?), which tend to move around too much.  and well, i’m just a cotton kind of girl at heart.  that said, sometimes comfort has to take an, um, back seat…and i’m a staunch opponent of the VPL, so i’m willing to suffer a bit for fashion.

ultimately, these are just about my favorite new “every day” bra – i’m planning to order at least one more any day now.  at $48 each, the pricing compares with most of my other bras, and the fit and function are definitely superior.  if nothing else, they’ve saved me the trauma of the lingerie dressing room, and i’ll take that deal any day.

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