brighten up your boudoir

i ran into these beautiful new quilts by angela adams (of whom i’m a longtime fan) at macy’s the other day, and couldn’t resist sharing.  i always seem to fall for her mod graphics and bright palettes, and this bedding is just one more thing to love (one of these days i’ll grace my floors with one of her famous rugs).

i picked up the red “sand dollar” quilt to mix with my john robshaw bedding and my west elm sheets, and i can hardly wait to put it all together!

these pretty quilts also happen to be on sale (honestly, is anything at macy’s ever not on sale?), which is an excellent excuse for new bedding if ever there was one.

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2 comments on “brighten up your boudoir

  1. Meagan

    She has a rug store in Portland, ME. I always go in and look–her rugs are GORGEOUS. Especially the gigantic art ones. (I own a 2×3 rug of hers that I adore and can’t wait to have wood floors again so I can put it out :))

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