happy birthday, tiffany & co!

It’s not every day that a friend this near and dear to my heart celebrates a milestone this big. That’s right, Tiffany & Co. – my first luxury love – is celebrating its 175th birthday this year.

I remember my first Tiffany purchase like it was yesterday – it was right after I’d been admitted to law school, and I knew the best way to show everyone I’d made it was to strut around campus with a Tiffany & Co. silver keychain. So, when my BFF and I planned a trip to San Francisco, we made a beeline for the flagship store in Union Square. I was trying so hard to play it cool, but as I left that store with my little blue box, I was positively floating. Tiffany has that effect on people.

Just as you’d expect, Tiffany has cooked up something pretty special to celebrate their birthday. They could have designed a new piece, maybe even a small collection of special pieces. But no…this is Tiffany. Go big or go home.

So, they created a new metal. A new metal. Who but Tiffany could pull that off? It’s called Rubedo, and it’s a stunner. A blend of yellow gold, silver and copper – think rose gold, but with more of a warm copper sheen to it. Since my love of rose gold is well-documented, you know I’m already in love. Add the Tiffany tag, and it’s bordering on obsession.

The Rubedo pieces are a permanent part of the Tiffany collection now, but these special pieces that have the founder’s signature on them will only be available for 2012 – and heaven knows, I’m all about the limited edition. Plus, these aren’t at all unattainable – prices start at $200, which is downright reasonable by Tiffany’s standards.

It’s a nearly impossible choice, really. A bangle is a classic, and I know I’d wear those bar earrings nonstop. But I’m sorely tempted to splurge on the classic Tiffany padlock, which you could wear as a pendant, add to a keychain, or even use it to update that silver Tiffany charm bracelet you got from your first boyfriend, but never had the heart to throw out.


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