on my radar: coach shoes for fall ’13

Friends, I don’t want to alarm you, but have you looked at Coach‘s website lately? I got a note from them asking if I’d take a peek at the new Coach shoes for fall, and can I just say: socks officially knocked off! I’ve been loving the brand evolution going on at Coach over the last few years – things are getting hipper, less predictable, and generally more interesting. But these shoes, friends? It’s on a whole new level.

Yeah, you’re going to have to fight me for those polka dot snakeskin flats. And even though this is a post about shoes, how amazing is that blue suede moto jacket? I can’t even talk about it (but I can imagine about 15 different outfits I want to build with it).

Even the marketing’s gorgeous. Coach produced a pretty rad video about the collection – I’m not much for web videos, but I’ve watched it three times so far. Fair warning: if you’re even remotely on the fence about those strappy black and gold sandals, you’re going to buy them the moment you see them in this vid.

I’m telling you, friends…it’s time to give Coach another look. What are your favorites?

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8 comments on “on my radar: coach shoes for fall ’13

  1. Roxanna @ Wholesome Hedonist

    How funny – I just bought a couple of pairs of flats from Coach and am wearing one pair right now! Sometimes I feel like we are shopping soulmates 🙂 I’m traditionally not a huge Coach shopper (I hate logos) but I agree, they’ve been upping their game lately. I actually bought the Wendy flats that you have shown here in patent bordeaux and black -They have just the right amount of polish and detail to finish an outfit (I particularly love the gold filigree detail on the heel.) They are also comfortable to boot.

    Also, it’s worth checking out their jewelry…sometimes they have some real finds that you wouldn’t expect – dainty long necklaces with filigree work, nature-inspired pieces with just the right amount of sparkle, and lovely, subtle earrings.

  2. Janessa

    I want those honey booties even though I can’t figure out how to wear the booties I have properly… WANT…

  3. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    Roxanna: I think we might be shopping soulmates 🙂 I’m super jealous that you nabbed those Wendys…they’re amazing! Glad to hear they’re as comfy as I was hoping. I did see the convertible boots – hard not to love something that versatile!

    Janessa: They are amazing, aren’t they? You need a good straight leg jean, my friend. Or some skinnies you can cuff to show these off. Easy, I promise!

  4. Minnie Webster

    The snakeskin flats are very cool! And I agree that the video with its urban, early autumn feel presents the shoes in a hip, modern light. Keep up the great work, Coach!

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