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Because it’s freezing cold and dreary grey in so much of the world today, I thought we could all stand to spend a few minutes fantasizing about warming up in style. Don’t you agree?

library house jessica helgerson

Is there anything cozier than a room full of books? One of my favorite designers, Jessica Helgerson, created this Library House, and truly, it is a dream cottage for any time of year, but especially when it’s cold and grey outside. (I highly recommend treating yourself to a look at the full gallery of images.)

Now that you’ve got a dream house to hole up in, you’ll just need a few more touches to keep things cozy…


Even if you don’t set foot outside, you’ll want a feather-light scarf that warms you from the inside out. These extravagantly oversized beauties by Nazanin Rose Matin are so intricately patterned, and saturated with such rich colors, you won’t mind bundling up one bit.

It’s a long-held fantasy of mine to own cashmere sweatpants, and honestly, if the Polar Vortex isn’t an excuse, I don’t know what is. These are almost (almost!) chic enough to be worn outdoors…but luckily, we’ve already decided we’re not leaving the house.

Now that you’re nestled on that beautiful blue sofa in the Library House (or maybe curled up on the window seat?), wearing that gorgeous scarf and those amazingly cozy cashmere pants, you’ll obviously need a throw to snuggle up in. I’ve been in love with these Swans Island throws since I first fondled one years ago. They’re unbearably soft – so cuddly and comfortable, I had to check the label to be convinced it was really wool. (More here.)

And of course, once you’re safely ensconced in that dream casa, wrapped up in all of those luxurious fabrics, you’ll need a little cup of something. If it were me, I’d be sipping some Mariage Freres tea from a decadent gold-striped teacup, stirring in the tiniest hint of organic honey with a beautiful gold spoon.

Now I just need a good book (or three) to cozy up with. Any suggestions? More importantly, how are you staying warm this winter?

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