it’s the little things

topshop bag

| Mini V Panel Holdall, Topshop |

Some days, you just need a pick-me up. A little impulse buy with a big “joy factor” that will make you excited to check your mailbox for a few days.

Doesn’t this wee blue bag just make you smile? It’s $65, if you can believe it. God bless Topshop. Sure, it’s PVC and it will probably only last a few months, and we’re all supposed to be consuming less and making more mindful purchases, blah blah blah. But sometimes, some days, you just need a little something.

Since I just got a pretty adorable pink bag (I’ll show it to you on Instagram, I promise), I probably can’t justify one in baby blue too. But you certainly can!

Whether it’s this, the Greek-inspired necklace I treated myself to this morning or something else you’ve had open in a browser tab all week, I hope you’ll treat yourself to a little something today, friends. You’ve earned it.


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3 comments on “it’s the little things

  1. Nicole

    I totally agree! It doesnt have to be a big splurge just a little something to get excited about. I feel that way about getting my hair cut/colored!

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    Sarah: You know, one of the big reasons I ordered that was to test out the line…so I have no idea whether it’s good or not yet! But I promise to report back 🙂

    Nicole: Oh man, I could so use a good cut/color! Must find new stylist…

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