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friday finds

it’s that time, dear readers…happy friday!  of course, the promise of those two blissful weekend days is a bit offset this week by losing an hour to the monster that is daylight savings time.  but it also means spring is on the horizon, and i’m more than ready!  and now…friday finds:

now that i’ve unleashed the beast, it seems there’s no end to my spring bag coveting streak (um, i just typed the word “spreak”: apparently, my brain’s hybrid of spree/streak.  shall we start a trend? perhaps not.).  this cute little crossbody from asos popped up on my worldwide wanders this week, and i’ve had the window open on my browser ever since.  seems like a good stand-in for the kate spade crossbody, especially at 1/4 the price. bags under $100 don’t even count in the budget, right?

it’s not often i see something that makes me want to call a “do-over” on my completely lovely and wonderful wedding day.  but oh, if only jessie randall had been designing these beautiful bridal shoes back then

i’m starting to feel like it’s all stripes, all the time, everywhere i turn.  but i also can’t deny that they’re everywhere because they’re just that good.  this top from madewell caught my eye this week, mostly because it’s a bit of a change from the traditional breton stripe, but no less versatile (and less scary for those of you that still fear the horizontal stripe).  plus, they’re offering free shipping with no minimum through sunday (code is SHOPAWAY)…and we know that’s always a powerful shopping incentive for me.

in case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, and haven’t seen all of those other bloggers waxing poetic about the fabulousness that is forestbound, allow me.  i’m not sure i’m a recycled-canvas-tote kind of girl, but i can tell you the newest pieces in their shop (they always sell out lightning fast) have me really wanting to try.

and, speaking of etsy, i went on a little vintage housewares search spree this week, and am suddenly obsessed with these beautiful dansk enamelware pots.  this one’s a little banged up, but that bright orange is just so cheery!

i hope you enjoyed this week’s exceptionally random list, friends.  have a fabulous weekend!  i’m off to seattle for a couple of days to visit a dear friend and hear the amazing dr. angelou speak again (i’m like a groupie, i know).  hope you have something equally lovely planned!

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