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floaty frocks at calypso st. barth

i honestly can’t remember how i ended up on calypso’s site…i followed a link there long ago, and started browsing.  however it happened, i’m definitely a new fan, particularly of their light-as-air summer dresses.  wouldn’t you just love to head to the hamptons or laguna beach with an overnight bag filled with these frocks?


i especially love the kimberly dress (center) which is available in short or maxi lengths and a pile of fabric choices.  i love that it’s one of the few maxis i’ve come across this season without an empire waist (not always the most flattering look), and at $150, it’s a great all-purpose summer party dress.  the short version in that fab purple madras plaid is very high on my list for the ultimate day dress.

and how can you resist that sweet, ruffle-y juno dress (right)?  i love the staggered ruffles (which, by the way, also make excellent tummy camouflage), and the fact that the styling is so easy, but still fitted enough to give you a shape.  so perfect!  for something even simpler, the piar style (left, by matta) is the ultimate option when it’s just too hot to care what you’re wearing.  with that airy cotton and wide flounced hem, you’ll look much cooler than you feel, even in triple digits.

if you’re on the hunt for summer dresses, calypso is a great place to start – besides their house line, they carry a few gorgeous styles from designers like chan luu and matta, so you’re sure to find some fabulous options.

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