what i want today: travel beauty

after talking about travel chic, i got to thinking about travel beauty.  airplane cabins are gross, germy places that also dry out your skin.  the number one thing you can do to stay beautiful is to keep hydrated. 

the day before you leave, drink lots of water – i absolutely love this new water from aquadeco.  i am freakishly picky about bottled water, and this one is my new favorite.  plus, the bottle is gorgeous – i’ve actually been using one as a bud vase at work!

another pre-travel beauty must is to keep away from salty foods and alcohol.  while it’s tempting to have that in-flight bloody mary, drinking water or tea will keep you looking fresh.  bring your own tea bags, too – mighty leaf tea is my favorite, i love the silk bags.  also, evian makes these adorable travel sized hydrating sprays, that will keep your makeup looking dewey and fresh – no one wants that cakey make-up face (just watch out for the people behind you when you spray!).

turn the cabin into your own mini spa by carrying luscious travel-sized hand creams. duwop’s hands 2 hair works as a styling creme for your locks as well as a hand cream, which is perfect for me because i get some serious fly-away hair while in flight! 

i like to keep my makeup to a minimum when i travel.  stila’s illuminating tinted moisturizer gives sheer coverage and a subtle shimmer to keep you looking fabulous, just in case you have a gorgeous seat mate!  for your lips, try to refrain from the usual lipstick, which can dry your lips out.  instead, try c.o. bigelow’s mentha lip tint in pink – it’s moisturizing and has a great minty sensation (also great for your breath!).  with a bare face, you can always duck into the ladies’ room when you land to freshen up – carry trish mcevoy’s ‘be prepared’ kit for sizes that will make it through security. 

finally the best beauty advice for any girl on the go:   relax, enjoy your trip and smile! 

what are your best travel beauty tips? 

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5 comments on “what i want today: travel beauty

  1. Jamie

    My work trips usually require at least 12 hours if not 22, so keeping a fresh feeling is critical. I always carry pond’s make up removing wipes to take off the makeup before I sleep along with a great light moisturizer (I’m easy – what ever sample size I picked up at the make-up counter usually works.) I always bring a sleeping mask, comfy socks and a silk wrap that serves as a blanket. Being able to sleep on the plane is the best way to arrive fresh.

  2. Jessie

    Jamie- I just bought those wipes, for my next business trip. I thought it would make my packing simplier. Glad to know you likey.

  3. Megan

    Hey Jess, I totally feel your drying travel pain, I often feel it myself. I always like to look pretty when I travel, and these are great tips. I totally want to try that DuWop stuff because I am always touching my hair and it would be great to have a product that does both so I don’t get all greasy. I have the Mentha lip gloss to and it not only gives you gloss and color, but does amazing things for your breath-perfect after a long flight.

  4. J Girl

    These are fabulous tips, Jessie, thank you. It is always nice to sit back, relax, smile and think about your adventure! Whether business or pleasure, it is usually exciting to be traveling. Great idea about hand creme and your hair! I actually do that at home as well to keep my long locks healthy, too bad I didn’t invent DuWop! I will have to check out the Stila tinted moisturizer. Great idea, always keep it light in flight!

  5. elizabeth

    I have been using hands to hair and that small tube can last year almost a year!
    Great product!

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