what i want today: epice scarves


i ran across these stunning scarves by epice in a local boutique recently, and it was love at first sight.  each one is decadently long and warm, feather light, and incredibly cozy…not to mention absolutely gorgeous!  the line was created by a pair of danish designers based in paris and copenhagen, and the photos don’t even begin to do these justice.  truly, i think they’re some of the most beautiful designs i’ve ever seen.  the detail of the patterns is so stunning in person…these really are the ultimate winter accessory, but they’re so light and colorful, you can easily wear them in warmer weather as well.   honestly, i could take any or all home with me right now.

these are nearly impossible to find online (and this from your very dedicated resident internet addict)…but i’ve tracked down a fabulous selection at kate boutique – where they also happen to be having a 20% off promotion right now.  use code october08 and treat yourself to one of these gorgeous piecesmine hasn’t left my neck since it arrived.

you can also find a few styles at ron herman (here and here)…there’s no 20% off deal, but i think the key is buying the design you love, don’t you agree?

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8 comments on “what i want today: epice scarves

  1. Melissa W.

    Hello gorgeous! Ummm, so I got to Kate and saw the key word: Paris. Think this is something worth purchasing from the source? I’ll be there in a month.

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    you know, that’s a great question…i’m honestly not sure how easy or hard they’d be to find in paris. i can definitely see the appeal, though. then again, the dollar’s so weak, you might still be better off ordering this one online!

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  4. Anne Svensson

    Epice is not by french designers – but by two danish designers, Jan Machenhauer and Bess Nelson – just so that you know.
    Beautiful design – I bought one today in there Copenhagen shop.
    Mrs Svensson, Copenhagen

  5. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    anne, thank you so much for your note 🙂 you’re absolutely right about the designers – jan and bess are danish. it’s actually kind of interesting: bess lives and designs in paris, and jan lives and designs in copenhagen. they have showrooms and design houses in both places 🙂 i think most of the fashion mags love to say the scarves are french because that sounds more “haute couture”…but your point is very well taken! interestingly, the scarves are actually produced in india – truly a global effort!

    i’ve edited the post to be more clear, and i really appreciate your point! i’d love for you to share a photo of the scarf you bought…aren’t they just divine?? i can’t imagine being in their showroom…i’d be bankrupt!

    thanks for reading 🙂

  6. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    hi avril 🙂 you know, it really varies depending on location, but i think if you planned on $200US, you would be pretty safe. i see them running anywhere from $175-225 generally.

    hope that helps!

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