anthropologie continues to steal my heart (apparel edition)

more love from the january anthro catalog…in fact, did i mention i literally ran down to my local store the day the catalog arrived in my mailbox?  thank god things have improved since last fall, and their regular stylist appears to have either come back to work or regained consciousness.


page 5: in my 2009 effort to buy fewer cardigans and wear more interesting combinations, this would be a fantastic layering option.  okay, it is technically a cardigan.  but doesn’t it look awfully jacket-y to you?  the jacket-style-cardigan is the saving grace of busty, big-shouldered girls like me who look absurd in all cute, cropped blazers.  i think there’s great potential here…just make sure you buy the beige.  the other colors are frightening me with their granny schoolteacher vibe.

page 13: i have to admit – i’ve seen both of these pieces in person (the dress and the trench, that is), and i’m not as in love with either individually as i expected to be.  but as a pair, they’re just perfect – exactly that perfect mismatch i’m going for this year.  i have to believe the trench would do just as well with most patterned spring dresses, so if you’re choosing your splurges, i’d spend there.

page 16: i’m violently opposed to the jumper…i just don’t care how trendy it is.  but this is just such an elegant look, it honestly would never have occurred to me that this was a one-piece ensemble.  i’d be much happier if it were two…but this might be the one single exception to the no-jumper rule.  

page 43: this waterfall blouse was the one purchase i made when i ran down to anthro last week (i just refuse to pay their shipping charges), and it’s my favorite purchase in a while.  i bought it mostly for the hawaii trip, but it’s gotten plenty of cold-weather mileage as well.  i love it with a bright cardigan in a totally different color (kelly green, in my case) or layered with a striped tee underneath and a menswear vest on top.  plus, for those of you still mourning the babydoll top for its ability to camouflage imperfections, this one has the exact same effect, but manages to stay streamlined.  perfect! 

there’s so much more, but i’m more interested in knowing what you loved!  care to share?

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