outsmarting the DMV, and a rendezvous with rodarte

i think it’s a day worth mentioning when the weight on your driver’s license is no longer a lie…and may even, in fact, be a bit of an exaggeration.  amazing stuff, really.

for those of you on new year’s resolution diets, i don’t recommend my method of weight loss (nor do i think it would be possible unless you were lucky enough to contract some sort of rare south american tapeworm), but there is definitely some excitement involved in going down a size (or two…).  at this rate, i might even be able to wear mcqueen by the end of the year.  because, you know, size is the only thing standing between me and a $2,000 blazer.

in more realistic retail therapy news (see? you said you wanted more frugal finds – it’s like ‘i dream of jeannie’ in blogland), i happened on the rodarte for target collection on last sunday’s target trip, and ended up bringing their navy lace tee home with me:

(hmm, maybe my new hobby should be learning to take photos that don’t suck…)  it’s sold out online, but if you happen to spot one in the store, it’s a worthy buy, which is saying something, as i’d more or less given up hope on the entire target/designer collab thing after so many misses of late.

but lacy lingerie is everywhere for spring, and if i can nail the look for $16.99, i’m a happy shopper.  the layering options are endless – over a dark tank and under a cardi, under a summer dress, peeking out under a v-neck sweater or a menswear vest…you get the idea.  (i actually did take a photo of the layered look, but it makes the first one look like ansel adams.)  sizing was a little on the narrow side…buy like you’re buying juniors, and you’ll be safe.

with that, i’m off to take a few highly invasive medical tests.  but i have brownies waiting for me when i get home.  so that’s something.

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One thought on “outsmarting the DMV, and a rendezvous with rodarte

  1. MegExpressions

    Love the shirt….I think it is great that Rodarte is designing for Target, so they can have clothing that is less than $500 per item. The sisters were featured in an article for the New Yorker a few weeks back, interesting story behind the line. Doesn’t sound like they have had much formal training.
    Good luck to you with your diet, that is always nice to go down a size or two.

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