i’m an “insider”…who knew?

those lovely ladies over at the daily obsession asked me to help out with their “insider’s obsessions” series this month.  calling me an insider and giving me a chance to gab about cashmere and scarves?  there was really no way i was going to turn that down.  plus, i miss my days as a TDO editor, and couldn’t resist reliving the magic!  you simply have to check it out…it’s a pretty fab list, if i do say so myself.

a huge welcome to those of you who’ve strayed over here – i hope you’ll stick around!  (oh, and i swear, the TDO gals and i didn’t coordinate obsessing about liberty of london for target on the same day…just goes to show that sometimes we’re so alike, we share a brain.)

have a great weekend, everyone!

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3 comments on “i’m an “insider”…who knew?

  1. Meghan

    your selections were great! i absolutely adore scarves, jewelry and cashmere… i wonder why these are two of my favourite blogs… 🙂

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