finally found: fiorentini + baker

be still my heart!  i’ve been hunting for these fiorentini + baker boots for literally months, ever since they sold out at barneys (the curse of trying to wait until they go on sale).  as usual, i fell hard for a designer that’s all but impossible to find in the states.  fortunately, i finally spotted them courtesy of blue moss, a gorgeous little blog, and now i’m plotting….how am i going to bring these babies home to live with me?

ahhh, i’m so in love!  fiorentini + baker makes some of the best boots around…perfectly distressed, beautifully made, and don’t you just love that blue?  most definitely a worthy splurge.  now i just have to track down $538…sigh.  fashion is a cruel, cruel mistress.

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4 comments on “finally found: fiorentini + baker

  1. Cecilia

    I have these in brown! And maybe 5 other pairs of F+B. Did you know they carry more than 10+ styles at a time (year round) at Halo Shoes ( on NE 14th & Broadway?

  2. shoppingsmycardio

    thanks, michelle! keep your fingers x’ed for me!

    cecilia! thanks for the tip on halo…I actually did know they carried them at halo, but couldn’t find the blue there. sounds like you’re definitely a f+b addict – we have to swap pdx shoe secrets sometime!

  3. Cecilia

    Becki, I actually work for Mai and CRAVE Portland! So yes, I am in Portland. 🙂 Would love to stay connected! I used to work for Halo Shoes too … that was my shoe secret right there! 😀 Love your blog!

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