a fashion first

i’m so proud of myself, dear readers.  for the first time ever, i bought vintage!

P1000458 P1000459

okay, so it’s not *technically* vintage…it’s consignment.  but whatever…it’s previously owned, and i’m in love.  i’m notorious for striking out at resale shops of all varieties, but i definitely made up for it this time. i scored this beauty from sisley for a measly 49 bucks, people!  i’ve been hunting something faux fur for the season, since it’s the trend to end all trends this fall.  but really, fur (especially faux) is oh so hard to pull off successfully, unless you’re kate moss.  but i think this sheared faux is the perfect low-key fur for my preppy style.  i can hardly wait to pair it with skinny jeans and a sweet riding boot (more on that tomorrow).

(speaking of amazing consignment, a little tip for my portland readers: when i nabbed my faux at seams to fit in NW, i dropped off a few pretty amazing pieces of my own for sale, including a divine full-length burberry cashmere coat, and some killer boots.  they’re definitely worth checking out!)

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5 comments on “a fashion first

  1. Ashley

    The faux fur looks great on you! We were happy to help you rock the trend perfectly! Hope to see you in the shop sometime soon.

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