beauty buzz: kiehl’s photo age corrector

i was overly excited to see the latest kiehl’s product line, photo age corrector (wildly sexy product name, i know), show up at my doorstep.  we all talk about wrinkle reduction as the holy grail of beauty products, and it’s great, obviously.  but in the last few years, i’ve noticed more and more freckles sticking around long after summer’s gone…particularly on the cheek that gets driver’s side sun exposure.  it’s taken me a while to admit that they’re “age spots,” but really, what else could they be?

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so, i’m hanging up my targeted wrinkle correctors for a while to try this out – after all, i can only use so many “spot treatments” at a time.  i’ve only been testing it for two weeks, and the products tell me to give them four, but i’m highly optimistic.  according to the people at kiehl’s, a whopping 92% of us will have a reduction in dark spots after 8 weeks, and those are odds i’m definitely willing to take.

kiehl’s launched a whole anti-spot treatment program with this line, which uses two different forms of vitamin c, light-reflecting minerals and loads of helpful botanicals to heal your skin’s sun damage and improve radiance.   i’m sticking with just the photo-age corrector high potency spot treatment ($49) for now…essentially just a spot corrector you apply wherever your “perma-freckles” are worst.  but they also have a special package if you want to try the whole line. according to them, you should have an immediate increase in brightness (i did), more even skin tone within 4 weeks, and a reduction in skin spots after 8.  fingers crossed!

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