the perfect valentine: blush lingerie

we don’t talk much about underpinnings on this blog, do we?  and such a shame…because, really, a good bra can make your entire outfit just as quickly as a bad one can kill the whole thing.  my size has changed a bit recently, and one of the more frustrating aspects of that (not that i’m complaining…) has been realizing i have to replace my entire bra collection.  tragic, especially when you consider that shopping for lingerie is right up there with shopping for jeans and swimsuits on the stress scale.

but i recently discovered blush lingerie, and it has me feeling much happier about the whole process.  and with valentine’s day on the horizon, it seemed like the perfect time to broach the subject.

whether you’re in search of the perfect valentine for the man in your life (hint: it’s always lingerie), or just a little reminder of how hot you look in your skivvies, these stunners from blush will have you strutting your sexy stuff in no time.  they’re the perfect blend of pretty and hot, and they fit like an absolute dream, no matter your shape (ahem…victoria, i’m looking at you and your “secret”).  i tried out the swanky little velvet leopard number below, and let’s just say it lifts what you want lifted, drapes what you want draped, and is generally a very successful little garment…or so my husband assured me.

ever since trying their more, um, decorative pieces, i’m head over heels for the brand, i’ve been nabbing their more “everyday wear” pieces every chance i get. they just do marvelous things for my figure, without requiring me to squish myself into anything uncomfortable or hideous to the naked eye (pun intended). also, since they’re sold so readily online, i don’t have to torture myself in a cheesy pink lingerie shop. plus, their prices are pretty reasonable as these things go, and the fit is worth every penny.

you can find styles from blush all sorts of places, but my favorites are bare necessities, her room, and the occasional piece i spot at anthropologie (though i couldn’t find anything at present…figures).

oh, and by the way, if you’re looking for a little something to appease a case of valentine’s day blues, nothing does it better than splurging on a really gorgeous new bra.  don’t know why, but it totally works.

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One thought on “the perfect valentine: blush lingerie

  1. Cassie Hargett

    Getting the right lingerie for the right occasion can really make the final touch for your outfit. Especially this coming valentine’s! These are some good ideas to choose from. I prefer corsets though. But these are nice.

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