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Friends, the universe is not on my side this week (my way of saying it’s drop-kicked me, David Beckham-style, into a smelly pond).  So, forgive me if my blog time is light for the next few days.

But, even through my stress, I had to make sure you knew about shopbop.com’s Spend Some, Save Some event, since these don’t come around all that often at shopbop.  It started today, runs through Thursday, and looks a little something like this:

I still have a shopbop gift card from Christmas that I haven’t been able to spend.  I have a pretty serious problem with chronic indecision, which means gift cards linger in my life for months, sometimes years, before being used.  And since my mechanic is unlikely to take a shopbop gift card in exchange for a new head gasket for my engine, I think I’m in need of some soothing retail therapy.  So, I need help.  What would you buy, assuming you had a bit of free cash to blow at shopbop this week?

(I will say that near the top of my list is one of those legendary silk shirts from Equipment.  They’re unbelievable…but oh, silk in the City of Rain can be traumatic.)

Help me out, friends…I’m so looking forward to your ideas!

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2 comments on “spend & save event at shopbop

  1. DL

    I would get the Nanette Lepore Vacationer dress… maybe in several colors (i got the pink one last year on sale, 60% off, from nordstrom and it fits well and TTS). And since we’re playing the “i have free cash to shopbop” game, I would add Tory Burch revas flats and a Rebecca Minkoff bag – I’m eyeing the affair quilted one in taupe.

    You probably know this already, but if you go to Shopbop through ebates.com (signing up is free), you can get 6% back on your purchase 🙂 So even MORE money saved (my math is weird, i know).

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