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happy F&F friday!

Happy Friday, friends! If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, I managed a very neat trick last week involving a mandolin and two of my fingertips. Sadly, this particular variety of carnage doesn’t make typing (let alone photo layouts) an easy business. In fact, if I’m honest, I’m writing this post using one of those fancy dictation apps for my computer. Look out, Stephen Hawking.

Despite my temporary crippling, and without jumping onto my soapbox about the modern “friends & family” (which roughly translates to “anyone with access to Google”), I couldn’t let the day go by without sharing a few pretty fantastic F&F deals happening this weekend. Read on

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test case: the best silk shirts

You know how they say a man’s wardrobe freezes in time at the moment he marries his wife? (This basically means The Hubs will be wearing polo shirts and jeans when he’s 97, but I suppose it could be worse.) I think women experience a similar phenomenon, but it’s not tied to any particular life event. It’s that eye-opening day when you realize “Hey, trends are fun, but I have 19 versions of this outfit, it’s a complete no-brainer, and I think I look pretty great in it to boot.” As Stanford’s grandmother from Sex and the City once said, if the Chanel suit still fits, and it never goes out of style, buy it in every color.

In recent months, I’ve had my “Chanel suit” realization, but it’s in the form of a silk tunic and skinny/straight jeans. Given the chance, I could easily, happily wear this combo – in its infinite variations – for the rest of my life. (And can you imagine how easy life would be if you never had to think about what you were wearing? I’d be like Michael Kors or Vera Wang…almost.) It’s easy, comfortable, figure-flattering, and works for darn near any occasion. I’m just doing a rough estimate here, but there are at least 15 silk shirts hanging in my closet right now (not counting the one from Rachel Mara that I’m wearing today).

All this to say that when it comes to silk shirts, I know of what I speak. Since the fit is different each and every time, and drape and cut really matter on a silk shirt, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned from the contents of my closet.  Read on

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summer sales make me feel fine

Everyone talks about Memorial Day sales, but not me…I wait until the day after, when the fun really starts. Today: Net-a-Porter and Shopbop. Tomorrow: Barney’s. Let the games begin!

A few ideas to get you started at Net-a-Porter…remember, they only hold sales twice a year, so this is an event! Anything that doesn’t sell now will head over to The Outnet, but the best pieces are definitely snagged this week.

Rag & Bone blazer, $225 / Day Birger et Mikkelsen linen dress, $100 / Etoilé Isabel Marant jacket, $247 / Alice by Temperley dress, $182

MiH Marrakesh shorts, $56 / Tory Burch Camelia espadrilles, $129 / 10 Crosby Derek Lam printed pants, $167 / Equipment silk blouse, $145

On the other hand, can we all collectively agree that no one will ever buy these frightening pants? Terrifying, even on a model!

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the how-to: silk shirts

I’ve been absolutely obsessed with silk this spring.  I don’t know what’s come over me, but suddenly, I can’t resist a pretty silk blouse, in any incarnation.  So, when a few of you emailed me, asking various and sundry questions about how to work this trend, I couldn’t resist chalking my recent purchases up to “research”, and giving you all the info you could ever want on the best of the best.

First, don’t be scared. Silk feels so precious sometimes, but you have to let go of that.  Embrace it, acknowledge there will be drycleaning involved, and wear it with abandon.  (But maybe don’t cook dinner in it.)

Second, size up.  Or at least, size so that your silk is loose, drapey and relaxed in fit.  Fitted silk is a much harder look to pull off, it’s not comfortable, and it’s all wrong for summer.  Because silk tends to flow so well over curves, you don’t have to worry about being swallowed up by a top that isn’t form-fitting, as you would with other fabrics.  Trust me: buy loose, and let the fabric work for you!

With that said, I’ll give you a rundown of the styles that are in heavy rotation in my closet this year.  First up is Equipment.  They’re infamous for making some of the best classic silk shirts ever – soft and luxe, with the perfect amount of substance.  They come in so many colors and patterns, you’ll never have enough.  I particularly love their Signature blouse, because it’s a bit longer than some styles, which translates to more styling options.  While a long-sleeved blouse may not feel like a summer buy, just roll up the sleeves to your elbow, and pair it with a white tank and cutoffs – silk has this wonderful ability to act like built-in air conditioning when it’s left open and breezy.  I also can’t help thinking this would be amazing with a crinkled linen jacket belted over the top.  Yes, you can get the look for less from J.Crew or Madewell, but a silk shirt is only as good as its drape. It’s worth the splurge to get this one right.

Best for: Girls with busts!  The relaxed cut means more room up top, so you’ll actually be able to button it.  I do find it makes my shoulders look a bit broader, but I’m telling myself it’s not a big problem.

Sizing tip: These are supposed to have a relaxed fit, so sizes runs true – I’m a 10, and ordered a medium. It’s the teeniest bit snug in the hips, but I wouldn’t have been able to go up a size.  So, just leave the bottom button undone, and all’s well.

Equipment signature silk blouse, $188-238.

My second love of late has been Tucker.  Their tunics are just so full of color and fun, I can’t help but be happy when I’m wearing them.  Like Equipment, their pieces come in all sorts of fun shapes and patterns (though almost never a solid color).  But, as usual, I prefer their signature style – in this case, The Tunic.  If you’re on the petite side, this could even work as a mini-dress, but since I’m 5’8″, it’s not happening.  These are an investment, but if you’re watchful, you might spot them on Gilt occasionally (ahem…that may or may not be a contraband link…take advantage of it!).

Best for: Everyone! I think these are gorgeous with or without curves, and regardless of height.  (And the little bit of stretch in these styles doesn’t hurt either.)

Sizing tip: I do suggest sizing up on the tunic style if you have curves, as they run very straight.  I went for a large in this style…the medium was just barely too small for my, um, curvier areas.

Tucker Tunic in Trimpin Pond Song, $315; Tucker Tunic in Funny French Birds, $315.

Of course, with summer coming, short sleeved and sleeveless options are a must. If you’re after a loose, breezy option (that won’t break the bank), I recently checked out the styles from Show Me Your Mumu.  They’re polyester, not silk, so they’re an honorary mention here.  They don’t drape like silk, but they’re adorable…if a bit on the hippie side of life.  With unfinished hems designed to fray, and a very loose fit, you might find these best suited for beach cover-up status – but since they’re poly, they’ll do the job in plenty of style (and for under $100). I do think they can be pulled off as a layering piece, but they’re sheer and quite low cut, so you’ll definitely be happier with a tank (or a two-piece) underneath.

Best for: The girls you see here modeling.  Narrow shoulders, smaller chest – the cut adds some breadth to the shoulder/chest area, so if you’re already good in that area, this might not be for you.

Sizing tip: One size fits all…or at least up to a 14, I’d say.

Show Me Your MuMu in Turn The Corner, $80; Original Mumu in I Dream of Zebra, $98

But really, my favorite spot for short-sleeved summer layers is Anthropologie.  They have some gorgeous options this year…I swoon over each and every one.

Pellucid Wings silk blouse, $128; Blazing blouse, $98 (not pictured); Koinobori tank, $78.

So, I’d love to know whether you’ve already been embracing the silk route, or if you’re thinking about diving in now.  Talk to me in the comments, won’t you?

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spend & save event at shopbop

Friends, the universe is not on my side this week (my way of saying it’s drop-kicked me, David Beckham-style, into a smelly pond).  So, forgive me if my blog time is light for the next few days.

But, even through my stress, I had to make sure you knew about shopbop.com’s Spend Some, Save Some event, since these don’t come around all that often at shopbop.  It started today, runs through Thursday, and looks a little something like this:

I still have a shopbop gift card from Christmas that I haven’t been able to spend.  I have a pretty serious problem with chronic indecision, which means gift cards linger in my life for months, sometimes years, before being used.  And since my mechanic is unlikely to take a shopbop gift card in exchange for a new head gasket for my engine, I think I’m in need of some soothing retail therapy.  So, I need help.  What would you buy, assuming you had a bit of free cash to blow at shopbop this week?

(I will say that near the top of my list is one of those legendary silk shirts from Equipment.  They’re unbelievable…but oh, silk in the City of Rain can be traumatic.)

Help me out, friends…I’m so looking forward to your ideas!

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