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Happy Friday, friends? I know you’re ready for the weekend…but how many of you got up early (or stayed up late) to shop the Anniversary Sale this morning? Sadly, I had a very tragic (and upsetting) experience pre-ordering my beloved St. John wrap dress, but I’m happy to report it was still available online this morning, so I circumvented my salesperson and nabbed double points in the process. That’ll show ’em.

Digressions, they plague me…

To get you started for the weekend, a few things that have been making me happy this week:

Summer is always the time of year when I want bright, colorful jewelry, but something that’s still light and easy to wear. I spotted this utterly charming necklace from Nicola Yoon, and have been imagining it with different outfits ever since. It reminds me quite a bit of my beloved Marco Bicego, but not so much as to be upsetting. And it’s about 1/10 the price. Hard to beat that!

I cannot stop thinking about this beautiful Blaise loafer from Loeffler Randall. Every so often, designer Jessie Randall concocts a delight that completely takes over my brain. This is one of those times. Ikat calf hair? Yes, yes, I think so. Now if only it’d go on sale.

I’m having a big jewelry week, apparently. Isn’t this piece from Taylor Kenney wonderful? So unique and eye-catching, but simple and easy to wear. And you know how I love me some druzy action.

And last but not least, I recently made a bargain beauty discovery, and since those are pretty rare in these parts, I had to share. Yes to Carrots! It’s wonderful. I’m particularly smitten with their Intense Repair Body Lotion which has a not-at-all unappealing (and extremely mild) herbal scent, goes on much lighter than my Eucerin standby, absorbs faster and works as well. Oh, and it’s $9.99 at your neighborhood Target. Score!

Now it’s time for a little Friday Finds action from you, my friends. What did you score at the Anniversary Sale? Anything finds you’re especially excited about? I’m dying to know!

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6 comments on “friday finds

  1. a

    AH, anniversary sale… didn’t get much – St John’s wrap dress and those gorgeous Fryes in grey (which I am praying will come up over my calves). Running shorts, red patent kitten heels, work pants, pencil skirt, and my annual stock up on Hanky Panky. 😉 Forgot trouser socks, though, so may be stopping by in person later on today.

  2. DL

    whew – glad you got the St John’s wrap dress!! 🙂 sadly for me, the McGinn Elizabeth boucle jacket is sold out ONLINE and in EVERY STORE across the country in my size. sad face. hoping someone will return it… or i suppose my search for a Chanel-esque jacket continues…

  3. kristina

    I’m avoiding store sales like the plague. I committed to a no-buy for the month of July and I’m determined to stick it out.
    Although, if my 18 month-old didn’t still try to rip off every necklace I try to wear I’d be tempted by that Nicola Yoon. It’s too pretty to risk so I’m safe!

  4. Kimberly

    I love the Yes to Carrots stuff. I have been using the body wash and face cleanser since January and just recently bought the face moisturizer. First of all it was $14.99 when my old face moisturizer (Arbonne) is over $30. And it works great.

    I love the necklaces in your Friday’s find!!

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