beauty buzz: fall pedicures

I’m in the market for a new pedicure shade, friends. The coral I was relying on all summer (surprisingly neutral, and made my legs look almost tan) is definitely not en vogue for fall – but after exhaustive research, I’ve found a few serious contenders.

I tried out a bevy of fashion-forward shades – greens from emerald to olive to military, browns and grays galore, even black. They all made me feel more like I’d dipped my toe into something I shouldn’t have. A good pedicure should make you feel pulled together and glamorous, not nervous…don’t you agree? And so, I settled on a few more traditional colors.

Single Ladies by Deborah Lippmann looks like a typical deep, dark burgundy in the bottle, but in reality, it’s so perfectly light, it almost feels like a lip stain for your nails. It’s a perfect match for your favorite glass of cabernet, and the formulation means you can make the coverage as light or dark as you want.

Brick House (also from Deborah) is as bold as I get for fall – a deep, burnt orange the color of changing leaves or crackling fires, complete with loads of iridescence to keep the color fresh.

Street Swagger from Jessica Cosmetics is a fantastic, deep, inky plum color that goes on dark as night.

Just a Little Rosti at This from OPI is that perfect fall red we always search for. Deep, creamy color, and just dark enough to be sophisticated.

Are you ready to change up your fall pedicure?

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