beauty buzz: shades of spring

i’m not one to change my makeup shades with the spring…the truth is that i’m really a ‘spring colors’ girl year-round.  but my nails?  another story entirely.  i always fall hard for the latest and greatest spring shades, and i’ve found a few that are definitely going to be my new go-to favorites this year.

i tried hard to love lavender this year (it’s been showing up in just about every fashion mag), but to be honest, it’s tricky to find a shade that reads refined. most end up looking a bit like you borrowed your little sister’s polish, which is less than ideal, to say the least.

normally, i err on the side of caution, opting for a classic pale, sheer pink – no muss, no fuss.  but this year, i’m branching out a bit….to peach.  groundbreaking, i know.  but a girl can’t live on sheer pinks alone. and when the sun comes out, peach looks amazing with a tan.

my picks for the season?  OPI’s “sand in my suit” is a gorgeous, slightly opalescent, peachy beige. normally, i shy away from anything with shimmer, but because this color is so very subtle, i think it actually works perfectly.  designer jason wu even used this shade for his spring fashion shows, in case you need proof of its versatility.

i’m also loving the newest shade from deborah lippman, “i’m not innocent”.  this one’s better suited to those of us with pale skin…it’s more peach than beige (the photo makes it look pink-ish, but trust me…it’s peach), and is just perfectly simple and pretty.  (also, a little tricky to track down. i did manage to find it at amazon, though it’s sold out at lippmann’s website.)

if you’re less boring than me, and looking for something a little more on-trend (though i have to tell you, nudes are huge this spring!), i also love lippman’s “waking up in vegas”.  it’s a matte grey with the perfect lavender undertone, which keep your fingers from looking like you’re fresh from the mortuary (a personal peeve with some of the grey polishes).  it’s subtle enough for day, but definitely hip enough for going out (ie, you won’t have to re-paint your nails before you go to work the next morning!).

Picture 12

and, for toes…well, anything goes, of course (except blue.  please, no more blue polish!).  but i’m looking forward to toting OPI’s “lucky, lucky lavender” along for my next pedicure.  it’s as bright and springy a color as you can get…sort of a lavender/pink hybrid.  again, great for tan skin, and i can’t wait to show it off with all of those sandals i’ll be sporting!

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