the first covet of spring

It hardly seems like it’s time…usually my first springtime covet doesn’t hit until at least mid-January, when everyone’s jamming Resort down my throat, and I remember I have no plans to be somewhere sunny during the depths of winter, and am bitter maybe a tiny bit jealous of all the women in the world buying hideously expensive swimsuits and matching sarongs for their month-long holiday in St. Barts.

Who, me? Digress? Hardly.

In any case, MiH just launched an exclusive resort capsule collection for Shopbop, and it’s awesome. Particularly these embroidered cutoffs. Ordinarily, I scoff at the $175 (okay, $187) cutoff short, but these are fantastic, utterly original, and – unlike more traditional varieties – definitely not something I could DIY with a $5 Goodwill budget and a few quality minutes with a pair of scissors.

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