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I’m getting this in just under the wire, since most of these beauties are custom-made, but I couldn’t resist sharing these completely perfect Mother’s Day options with you. I visited Manor recently, one of my favorite home shops in Portland (they just launched e-commerce too!), and they mentioned they were having a trunk show next weekend (May 12) for a jewelry designer I love. Have you heard of Heather B. Moore? She designs the most amazing, entirely custom charms that are just exactly the thing for moms everywhere.

I know, I know…charms? But hear me out.

See?! Beautiful, right? Each and every one is completely custom – add names, dates, geographic coordinates, birthdates, maybe a line from your wedding vows or the first verse of your favorite lullaby…whatever strikes your fancy. I even saw one version in which the designer actually created a custom engraved stamp of the closing line of a letter from a client’s dad, so the result was a pendant in his handwriting. I’m already saving for that one.

The down side…they’re not cheap. Prices start at $300 per charm. But think of it this way – you have your Mother’s Day gift planned for the next 5 years at least! Just add a charm a year, and in no time, Mom will have a beautiful piece of custom jewelry, packed with memories. And you’ll be her favorite kid.

If you’re in Portland, definitely hit up the trunk show next weekend (if only for the free bubbly). I’m hoping to be there. And if you don’t make it, still give Manor a call to order – they tell me it’s actually cheaper to buy through them than directly from the designer. If you get in touch, tell them I said hello!

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