fall boot covets, part one

I thought I’d just be honest right there in the title, since you know this is going to be a fearfully long list by October.

Fall boots…I can’t get enough. Since I fulfilled the “need” on my boot list (black riding boots) at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it’s time to buckle down and pick a fun pair to get me through the bleak winter months ahead. I’ve been imagining myself with the Rag & Bone Durham for so long, I’m sort of surprised they haven’t magically appeared in my closet, a la The Secret-slash-Field of Dreams.

Durham in grey or brown, $525

But, since they haven’t, and since I’m going to have to hem and haw for another few months (most likely until they’re sold out) before I’m willing to shell out $525 for them, I’m trying to move on to a new love.

What do you all think about studded boots?

I know, I’m a skeptic. I’m the least edgy girl I know, for starters. I’m also over 30. Both of these facts should immediately disqualify me from owning studded anything. But I have such a bizarre fascination with these Chloe Susanna boots…

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Give them a minute. They’ll grow on you…like those hidden-picture posters from the ’80s (which I never could master). Which they’ll need to do if you’re going to spend $1,300 on them. Anyway, they’re hands-down the “boot of the season” if you ask a fashion editor (or if you check Zara and Topshop for knockoffs, which is the surest sign of “it” status). Ahem:

Alvin, Topshop, $180 / Ankle boot, Zara, $189 / Pete, Laurence Dacade, $397 (not really knockoffs, but still good.)

I could find more, but I’m lazy. They’re all cute, but honestly…am I going to wear those to bop over to Target? Probs not. But! I’m thinking I may have found the perfect middle ground. What do you think of these?

Amplify studded boots, Topshop, $160

It’s like the Chloe boots and the Rag & Bone boots had a little drunken-prom-night romp in the dressing room at Topshop. Still a little edgy for me, but I’m thinking maybe these are subtle enough to try. Hey, even Hermes puts studs on things…there must be a way to make them classy.

What do you think? Can a preppy girl ever pull off studs?

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3 comments on “fall boot covets, part one

  1. Wholesome Hedonist

    Cecilia – if you click Becki’s link above you’ll see that they are $1,000, but on sale for $397 – I should’ve included these in my sale column yesterday!

    Love this post…I’m coveting fall boots too, and also contemplating studs (Zara has the most beautiful studded coat out now.) Love the writing in this post, btw!

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