falling for: a cup of tea

Here’s a little something you don’t know about me: I’m a mug-a-holic. While some girls binge on lipstick or chocolate during times of strife, it’s a hot cup of tea in a brand new mug I adore that makes me feel whole again. And so, as you might imagine, I have quite a few.

To be clear, there’s very little to recommend my mug collection on appearances. It’s not stylish or hip, or fancy in any way…it’s quirky at best, sometimes even downright odd, with mismatched specimens from favorite diners, weekend art festivals, and even, in one case, pilfered from an airport coffee shop. But it’s also a pretty perfect reflection of my personality. My current favorite was a holiday gift from the hubs last year, and I get excited every time I open our kitchen cabinet and see it perched there, waiting for me.

There’s something so comforting and tactile about the right mug – if the shape and heft are just so, and if it’s a design that makes you smile, all you need is the radiating warmth from that hot tea (peppermint from Smith Tea is my brew of choice), and you have something that will cure just about whatever ails you.

When fall drifts in, I always seem to be more in the mood for tea. Also, when I’m stressed. Since I’m both this season, I’ve found myself obsessively hunting for a new addition to the mug collection, and so I was thinking: maybe we should all make it a fall tradition to treat ourselves to a little something to make us excited about the fall weather. Sure, if a new lipstick is more your thing, godspeed. But if you’re a cozy-phile like me, whether you’re after something to make you feel comforted or just to make you laugh, I have a feeling you’ll fall (pun only intended after the fact) for one of these picks, any of which would be warmly welcomed into my collection.

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What do you say…are you in the mood for a spot of tea?

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2 comments on “falling for: a cup of tea

  1. Kristina

    I also have a mug addiction and I display my favorites on a mug tree on my counter! My current fave is an initial mug from Anthropologie but I need that Scooby mug something fierce and can see it becoming my new fave!

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