gift guide: bridget watson payne’s finds for the art lover

{Editor’s Note: This year, I’ve asked a few of the people whose style I spend all year admiring to share their holiday wish lists. Stay tuned – we’ll have a new expert every day for the next two weeks!} gift guide art

I love my artistic friends. I love their free spirits, their creative thinking, and the way they can just whip up a thing of beauty with a few brushstrokes, a twist of wire, or the click of a shutter. Alas, when it comes to gifting for them, I’m utterly at a loss…my standard grey sweaters simply will not do for this crowd. And so, I’ve enlisted one of the most creative, artistic ladies I know to help us out. Bridget Watson Payne is the Art Editor at Chronicle Books, which means she has a direct line to whatever magic juice it is that makes those artsy friends of ours tick! If that’s not enough, when she’s not ushering new talent through the publishing process, Bridget writes a beautiful blog that shows off her adventures and finds in the art world. I can’t even look at today’s gift guide without my creative wheels starting to spin.

Oh! And how’s this for good news: As it turns out, Chronicle is running a pretty amazing Friends & Family this week. Get 35% Off Everything + free shipping with code FRIENDS. Happy holidays, indeed!

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  1. I think these necklaces made by Emily Green are the most stunning thing ever. I covet one for myself, but would also gift one to my bestest and most stylish girlfriend. Emily Green bead necklaces, from $49
  2. For anyone who has ever wanted to take pictures of the great fashion looks they see on the street, but been too shy or intimidated to try it, this book takes away all the scary and makes it do-able and fun! Street Fashion Photography, $20
  3. If I were going to splurge on one thing for myself this holiday season, there’s no question it would be a Marimekko dress. The only hard part would be choosing which one. Wouldn’t this one be perfect for holiday parties? Marimekko Soma dress, $295
  4. Shameless self-promotion alert: I not only edited this book, I am also its author! I could not be more proud to have pulled together the first-ever crowd-sourced book of Instagrams! Anyone hooked on the app will (I hope!) really love this book. This is Happening, $13 
  5. The dozens of artists in this book make their artworks from old discarded books that would otherwise be thrown away. The things they do with them are just incredible! Perfect for art lovers and book lovers alike. Art Made From Books, $28
  6. I bought my husband Heath Ceramics bowls for his birthday, and it was such a success, I am seriously considering following up with dinner plates or a set of deep serving bowls (hope he doesn’t read this!). Heath Ceramics deep serving bowls, $62
  7. I don’t think anything shows a person how much you admire and esteem them more than giving them a piece of art, and a photo print is such a nice affordable way to make that happen. This one has the added bonus of sending a message of affection. Jen Gotch “Baby, don’t let our love deflate” Polaroid print, from $25 
  8. A hand-painted clutch? Come on! Too lovely. Perfect for the girl chic enough to carry a clutch, but playful enough to want one that’s whimsical. Kindah Khalidy clutches, $46-86
  9. For one friend who is a serious home sewer, and for another friend who aspires to being a serious home sewer. Either way, this box of incredibly beautiful notions is a treasure trove to open. Merchant & Mills notions set, $75
  10. These adorable and comfy ballet flats made of rubber (perfect for rainy weather!) come in a jillion colors, and are packed in a super cute box! I’ve never given anyone shoes for Christmas before, but this could be the thing that convinces me to start. Oka B. Taylor ballet flats, $42 (also here)
  11. This car is the perfect gift for kids of any age – even playful adults might like it as a cute desk ornament. Really, is there anyone you know who doesn’t need a satisfyingly chunky pink plastic car? I’ve given it tons of times and see no end in sight. Kid O Go Car, $11
  12. A good tablet case seems to be so very hard to find. This one is pricey but so utterly beautiful that I feel sure anyone you gave it to would pretty much fall over with happiness. Clare Vivier iPad case, $65-135

Thank you so much, Bridget! For more holiday-perfect gift ideas, it’s pretty much impossible to miss with anything from Chronicle Books.

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