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gift guide: bridget watson payne’s finds for the art lover

{Editor’s Note: This year, I’ve asked a few of the people whose style I spend all year admiring to share their holiday wish lists. Stay tuned – we’ll have a new expert every day for the next two weeks!} gift guide art

I love my artistic friends. I love their free spirits, their creative thinking, and the way they can just whip up a thing of beauty with a few brushstrokes, a twist of wire, or the click of a shutter. Alas, when it comes to gifting for them, I’m utterly at a loss…my standard grey sweaters simply will not do for this crowd. And so, I’ve enlisted one of the most creative, artistic ladies I know to help us out. Bridget Watson Payne is the Art Editor at Chronicle Books, which means she has a direct line to whatever magic juice it is that makes those artsy friends of ours tick! If that’s not enough, when she’s not ushering new talent through the publishing process, Bridget writes a beautiful blog that shows off her adventures and finds in the art world. I can’t even look at today’s gift guide without my creative wheels starting to spin.

Oh! And how’s this for good news: As it turns out, Chronicle is running a pretty amazing Friends & Family this week. Get 35% Off Everything + free shipping with code FRIENDS. Happy holidays, indeed!

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falling for: a cup of tea

Here’s a little something you don’t know about me: I’m a mug-a-holic. While some girls binge on lipstick or chocolate during times of strife, it’s a hot cup of tea in a brand new mug I adore that makes me feel whole again. And so, as you might imagine, I have quite a few.

To be clear, there’s very little to recommend my mug collection on appearances. It’s not stylish or hip, or fancy in any way…it’s quirky at best, sometimes even downright odd, with mismatched specimens from favorite diners, weekend art festivals, and even, in one case, pilfered from an airport coffee shop. But it’s also a pretty perfect reflection of my personality. My current favorite was a holiday gift from the hubs last year, and I get excited every time I open our kitchen cabinet and see it perched there, waiting for me.

There’s something so comforting and tactile about the right mug – if the shape and heft are just so, and if it’s a design that makes you smile, all you need is the radiating warmth from that hot tea (peppermint from Smith Tea is my brew of choice), and you have something that will cure just about whatever ails you.

When fall drifts in, I always seem to be more in the mood for tea. Also, when I’m stressed. Since I’m both this season, I’ve found myself obsessively hunting for a new addition to the mug collection, and so I was thinking: maybe we should all make it a fall tradition to treat ourselves to a little something to make us excited about the fall weather. Sure, if a new lipstick is more your thing, godspeed. But if you’re a cozy-phile like me, whether you’re after something to make you feel comforted or just to make you laugh, I have a feeling you’ll fall (pun only intended after the fact) for one of these picks, any of which would be warmly welcomed into my collection.

 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

What do you say…are you in the mood for a spot of tea?

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happy thanksgiving!

well, i’ve made an executive decision, readers:  i’m giving myself the week off.  it’s been an insane few days, and i’m now preparing to host my very first thanksgiving ever.  terrifying, no?  and so, i’m going to bid you farewell for a few days as i dice, chop and roast myself into oblivion.  but i know i won’t be able to resist sharing the black friday goodness, so you should definitely keep an eye on my twitter page for updates on all the deals i hear about.  and of course, i’ll be sure you’re kept in the loop all day on cyber monday!

but before i sign off, i have to show off the one thing i’m feeling pretty good about for my thanksgiving hosting duties.  i’ve been agonizing over the table setting for weeks (perfectionism has its price, my friends).  but when i spotted this marimekko tablecloth over at the amazing alwaysmod.com, i just knew it was the answer.  and so, here’s a little sneak peek at my thanksgiving table:


what do you think, readers?  in case you can’t tell, i’m nervous…but i hope it has plenty of thanksgiving cheer, all while being deceptively low-maintenance.  in fact, if i’m being honest, i can take almost no credit.  i paired that lovely tablecloth (thank you to alwaysmod.com for sending it over and saving my hide!) with some napkins from dwell for target, a few new dishes from west elm, a few colorful pears in a bowl, some fresh herbs bundled with twine, and…well, that’s about as martha as i get, dear readers.  i hope my family is at least minimally impressed.  (and, well, sometime i’ll tell you the story about those napkin rings…but the statute of limitations hasn’t quite run out.)

if you’re anything like me, the highlight is that beautiful marimekko tablecloth. here’s a detail shot of the pattern:

gorgeous, right?  in person, it has so much depth of color, and just a little bit of shine…it’s unbelievably perfect for this time of year.  i love that it will work for any winter holiday, with any color scheme or pattern.  most table linens that are “fancy” just feel old-fashioned to me.  but this one feels so special, without being at all precious.  of course, if this one isn’t your style, you can choose from what must be 100 different marimekko fabrics at alwaysmod.com, and they’ll custom make your tablecloth for you!  but if you want that, you’d better hustle…the holidays are, after all, looming.

i hope you all have equally fun (if slightly more restful) turkey plans for yourselves.  and i hope you’re getting a few days off too!   i’ll see you back here next week for our traditional cyber monday madness, and then the gift guides begin!  they’re pretty fabulous this year, if i do say so myself…so i’ll see you all back here monday.   in the meantime, i’m wishing each and every wonderful one of you a great holiday weekend!

happy thanksgiving!!!

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exclusive marimekko discount!!

well, dear readers, i have some fabulous news. the lovely people over at alwaysmod.com – a fantastic one-stop shop for all things marimekko – saw our post about marimekko prints today, and have kindly offered you all an exclusive 10% discount on all purchases over $75. just use code shoppingsmycardio at checkout, through april 25!

this is a fantastic opportunity to pick up some gorgeous accessories, home decor, and all sorts of fun pieces. i love their mini coin purses, those gorgeous scarves i mentioned below, and this fantastic umbrella is high on my list. the aprons are pretty fantastic too. happy hunting!

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what i want today: big, bold prints

ever since i read an article in the april vogue about the author’s first marimekko dress, i’ve been craving big pattern…in a big way.

there’s the original, of course, which one can’t overlook. this site has more options than just about anyone, and their pricing is pretty impressive. i love this tunic style shirtdress ($219), which gives you the fabulous pattern, but the conservative styling reins it in and makes it office-appropriate.

but then, i think if you’re jumping on this look, the “reined in” thing isn’t really the point at all. i love this blouse (on sale for $109), which is completely over the top, in the best of ways. wear it with a skinny black pant or pencil skirt, layer a turtleneck underneath, leave it open & call it a jacket, or close it up and call it a blouse – this is a piece i’d never get tired of.

i’m also loving some of the less obvious versions floating around this spring. this version by puella ($176) is a little bit 70s flower child, but the styling keeps it modern.

if adding color on top of pattern is just too much for you, try this big, bold black and white number by mika piirainen ($183). i love the swirling pattern and classic cut – this is a dress that’s so classic, your daughters are sure to fight over it one day.

and, if all of this pattern is just a little more than you can convince yourself to try, consider dabbling with a fabulous marimekko scarf ($20), which can give you that splash of crazy color and pattern, without stretching your boundaries too far. for me, if i can track down these absolutely amazing wooden brooches (which seem, tragically, to be out of stock absolutely everywhere), i’ll die a happy woman.

(PS…i would also be remiss if i didn’t mention the marimekko line for H&M hits stores tomorrow, 4/10. a sneak peek can be found here..enjoy!)

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