holiday giveaway: $100 at blue nile (CLOSED)

Phew! I don’t know about you, but between all of those gift guides and the madness of Cyber Monday, I’m exhausted! How about if we take a day off from the retail insanity, and I give you a gift instead? Just because you’re awesome. blue nile giveaway

Head over to my Facebook or Twitter page and enter to win a $100 gift card at Blue Nile – which is not as insignificant as it sounds. Turns out, they have a huge section of under-$100 baubles, and friends, these aren’t that dreck that will turn your finger green. We’re talking gold hoops, (freshwater) pearls, and some dang cute necklaces! Plus, there’s a fun little “Leave Nothing to Chance” gift-generator app for you to screw around with while you should be working try out.

Good luck!! Oh, and in case you’re wondering what their handy little app had to say about me:



Yeah, that sounds about right. Head over to Facebook or Twitter to enter, and let’s have some fun today!

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