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Anna Valdez

|  My first grown-up art purchase, by the insanely-talented Anna Valdez  |

We don’t talk about it enough here, but I’m what you might call an aspiring art collector. I’ve always secretly wanted to be a Collector (yes, with a capital “C”). You know, one of those obnoxious people who “acquires pieces” at a pretentious gallery opening instead of buying posters in the museum gift shop. Yep, I aspire to snobbery. I admit it.

Alas, I probably won’t be making off with a Picasso from a Sotheby’s auction any time soon. And for most of my life, that seemed like the only way to collect. You had to be a high roller. But then, the Internet happened. And after that, 20×200 happened. And the world of collecting art suddenly became…possible.

20×200 was the first time I realized that mere mortals could, in fact, learn about art, be knowledgeable about up-and-coming artists, and even collect art – all without a seven-figure bank account or a loft in Manhattan. I was in love pretty much from Day One.

So, it’s safe to say that it makes my entire week to tell you that I’m teaming up with them on a series of Q&As with their incredibly smart and savvy founder, Jen Bekman. I’m pumping her for the skinny on everything there is to know about being a grown-up art collector (without a Silicon Valley art-buying budget).

The first one launched today, and I won’t lie…my feathers are pretty fluffed up about the whole thing. I hope you’ll love it.


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gift guide: becki’s finds for the pickiest people on your list

Well, friends, I definitely didn’t save the best for last (I mean, did you see all of those amazing gift ideas my guest experts had?!). But I’ve put together a holiday wish list of my own, filled with everything from stocking stuffers/last-minute Hanukkah gifts to those little luxuries I can never bring myself to splurge on any other time of year. There’s something for everyone here – your mom, your bestie, your uncle who drinks too much – and a few treats I think you definitely deserve to have under the tree for yourself this year.

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the girls of summer

every so often, i get a major art itch.  i find myself scouring etsy, style court, design for mankind, and all of my favorite online art galleries to discover new art and artists, and i inevitably find several pieces i just can’t do without.  this summer, i’ve been obsessed (obsessed!) with portraits, and i find myself especially drawn to portraits of women looking happy in the midst of what must be a perfect summer day.

i fell hard for amy rice’s work the first time i saw it, and the love hasn’t diminished in the least.  i love the nostalgic feel of her pieces…they remind me of something you’d find in your grandmother’s attic, but infinitely more hip.  this piece is called olivia and olivia’s mom again, and you can find it at the always-amazing art star philly (which also happens to be the home of that jen corace print i’m still dying to own).

20×200 is a constant source of strife for me…it’s like gilt groupe for art.  i always feel that art should be a considered purchase (after all, fashion comes and goes, but art is forever), but the possibility of pieces selling out throws me into a panic.  i’m still sad i missed out on their first matthew tischler series…i really should just take the plunge and get the latest editions while i still can.

doesn’t etui’s float just make you feel instantly relaxed?  it’s like everything good you remember about summer, before you cared about air conditioning, spf or what that ice cream cone was going to do to your thighs.

these two portraits, by anna bergin and tushtush, have had me captivated for the longest time.  i love imagining what these women were thinking while these were being painted, and where they might have been headed later that day.

i think i’m ready for a sno cone now!

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