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editor’s picks: 2015 nordstrom anniversary sale

Psst…Looking for details on the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I’ve got the scoop right here. |

Editor’s Note: If you’re new to this scene, the Anniversary Sale is Nordstrom’s biggest sale of the year. They cut deals with nearly every designer they stock to get an early shipment of Fall 2015 merchandise 6 weeks before any other retailer. Then, they mark the whole lot down 33-40%! That means you can score everything you need for fall without waiting for those October markdowns, but prices go back up on August 3, and the good stuff sells out fast. So, if you see something you love, nab it early! Remember, Nordstrom has the best return policy in the biz, and items sell out fast during the Sale. My Sale mantra: Buy now, edit later!

actual coats

IRO Ajuma jacket, $399 | Barbour Cavalry jacket, $185 | Treasure&Bond leather jacket, $198 |
Vince hooded coat, $464 | DVF Mackenzie coat, $398 | Ted Baker London Nevia coat, $349 |

Break out your Nordstrom cards, friends – Early Access to the 2015 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is finally here!! Read on

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in pursuit of perfect

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “perfect” pieces. Probably because I’m tired of gazing listlessly into my closet for (what feels like) hours on end, being overwhelmed by a sea of “fine” – rows of options that are overplayed, uninspiring, or just not quite right for one reason or another.

This year, I’m making a conscious effort to reprogram myself. I want to be a person who buys less, even if that means spending more. I’m willing myself to actually buy that perfect dress at full price, instead of buying 4 not-quite-perfect-but-they-were-on-sale stand-ins. Because after all, doesn’t a closet filled with pieces you love, and can’t wait to wear, sound pretty divine? Read on

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holy grail quest: the perfect summer jacket

I meant to write about nail polish today. But honestly, the little shopaholic hamster running rampant in my brain just can’t focus, because it’s hellbent on tracking down the perfect summer jacket.

You know the one I mean. You can throw it on over a tired tank and jeans, and look instantly pulled-together (yet not dressy), or tote it along to a summer barbecue, secure in the knowledge that when the sun sets, you can toss it on over your skimpy sundress and everyone will be amazed and bewildered by how effortlessly cool you look. The one that goes with everything, looks like you’ve owned forever (way before it was cool), and makes other people stop you in the streets to ask where you found such a treasure. At which point, you’ll give them a sweetly benevolent half-smile and mutter something about an adorable little boutique in Paris.

Am I aiming too high?

To be honest, I haven’t found my holy grail yet. But I can tell you this: I’ll be like a dog who’s lost its bone somewhere in the backyard (digging, digging…ah, simile.) until I find the winner. In the meantime, let’s look at some contenders, shall we? Read on

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fall’s must-haves (and a word on trends)

Happy Tuesday, friends! And more importantly, Happy Fashion Week! If I’m honest, I get a little exhausted by all the coverage out there – and I’m never ready to think about spring when I’m just getting excited to pull my sweaters and boots out of storage.

That said, there are some advantages to checking out the shows from a few of your favorite brands. I use this time to get an idea of what trends from fall have staying power. It makes it so much easier to figure out whether buying those jacquard ankle pants is a good decision. Colors are always completely different in spring, but watch silhouettes – are pants still slim and ankle-grazing? Are jackets still clean, simple and structured? Get an idea of what you’ll be coveting come April, and you’ll have a much better feel for what to splurge on now.

Speaking of, I thought I’d show you a few things on my list for the fall season. I never embrace every trend – it’s exhausting, unflattering, and makes for a disjointed closet. But if there’s a piece or two that fits in seamlessly, and won’t be hopelessly awful in a year or two? Well worth it. And on the flip slide, if something’s on trend that is just perfectly you, stock up. Those smoking slippers are going to be really hard to track down in a year or two.

If there’s a piece that’s just too fun to say no to, sometimes I’ll throw that in for good measure…though that’ll be the piece I buy at Zara, not at Barneys. Splurge on the styles that feel like an organic addition to your closet, add in a piece or two that feels fun, and skip anything that doesn’t make you look and feel amazing.

Eveline top, Allsaints, $130 / French hen sweater, J.Crew, $95 / Floral brocade skirt, J.Crew Collection, $119

Oxblood: Or “burgundy” to the rest of us. I picked up a silk Vince tunic in oxblood at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I can already tell it’ll be a workhorse this season. Great with neutrals, but also try it with cobalt, red, mustard yellow or even pink.
Character count: Fall has a sense of humor this season, so treat yourself to a few things to make you happy – like the ’80s-era character sweaters that every brand’s releasing. Yes, I know I’m going to see J.Crew’s French hen sweater on 85 different people before the season’s out. But I bought it anyway. It made me smile, and I know it will keep on doing that right through the winter.
Go baroque: Jacquard, embroidery, brocade…make like you’re fresh from King Henry’s court and you’ll be right on trend for fall. I have a great brocade pencil skirt from Rachel Mara I’ll be taking out of hiding, and I can’t wait to bust out some of my vintage cameos and my grandmother’s old brooches to pile onto my classic flannel blazers.

Jacquard trousers, Zara, $60 / Pixel pants, Helmut Lang, $370 (or Banana Republic for a steal) / Pea Coat, Gerald & Stewart, $300 / Tabitha smoking flat, Kelsi Dagger, $92 / Kitty flats, Charlotte Olympia, $660

Ankle pants: I kind of love them. They eliminate the issue of whether to hem for flats or heels, and they’re surprisingly flattering on a lot of figures. If you buy: remember they should graze the ankle. These are not capris. I repeat, these are not capris. Also, as with any slim pant, beware of saggy butt syndrome. A good tailor can install darts to eliminate the problem. I tried on this version from Zara over the weekend, and they’d be amazing with an ankle-strap heel.
The winter coat question: Those oversized, cocoon-like shapes that are the silhouette of the season are tough to pull off and have zero longevity. Instead, if you want an investment piece this season, go classic and buy the best navy pea coat you can afford. You’ll never, ever regret it.
Smoking slippers: If you haven’t already, buy a pair. They’re fun, practical, and a great way to update your fall look.

Now, more importantly…styles to skip: I’d steer clear of those wild geometric patterns and the psychedelic suits. But I might take advantage of the return of the Power Suit to find a classic one to hold onto. Also, camouflage. Unless you’re under 25 and are completely confident you can wear it with the appropriate amount of irony, please don’t. And while I adore leather on all those It Girls, I think it’s dicey territory for mere mortals like me. If you’re an edgy girl with an anything-goes sense of style (and I know a few!), I’d love to see what you do with it. As for me, I’m sticking with my classic moto jacket and calling it good. Last, but certainly not least, I’m skipping the peplum. One of our fantastic columnists is going to try to talk me (and you) out of it next week, but for now…it’s fashion ground I’m just not willing to break. (Also, I saw Betty White wearing one on a Golden Girls re-run recently, which didn’t help.)

What are you excited about for fall? Any trends you have questions about? As always, I’m here to help!

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helmut lang at gilt groupe

editor’s note:  don’t miss out – it’s the last day to enter our lillybee shoe giveaway!

it’s a great, great day for sales at gilt today:  devi kroell (gorgeous exotic bags and shoes), oscar de la renta (still eye candy even at sample sale prices, but lovely eye candy nonetheless), and helmut lang.  fortunately, the helmut lang sale is actually really reasonable – you can pick up a number of pieces for under $100, and i’d say most are under $200.  some of my favorite looks are above, but really helmut lang is such a classic line, it’s hard to go wrong with these hip classics.

oh, and if you need an invite, just say the word!  drop me a line at editor at shoppingsmycardio dot com, and i’ll hook you up!

Shop for luxury clothing at BlueBee.com!

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