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surf’s up!

I can hardly believe that it’s nearly July 4…June has flown by in a sea of grey clouds and scattered showers here in Portland. But July means sun, so I’m optimistic! So much so that I’ve put together a few of my favorite swim looks for the summer…you know, just in case there’s some poolside lounging in your immediate future. Even if there’s not, this is the perfect time to nab a suit for a later date. Most swimwear sites are offering major discounts this week, including The Orchid Boutique, a personal favorite of mine.

Fair warning: I’m a fan of the one-piece suit, so you won’t see any bikinis in the mix. I like to leave a little to the imagination. And PS…why are most swimsuit modeling shots so ridiculous? That girl in the last shot is leaning on a table, holding a big pile of tulle. Which is, you know, the first thing I do when I put on a swimsuit. Anyway…on to the show!

  1. A serious bargain find, and that longer, loose tankini top makes these stripes ultra-flattering. Plus, I do love a little ruffle trim. Lands’ End Canvas Summerland ruffle tankini: $39 top, $19 bottom (on sale)
  2. For those of you looking for a little more support from your swimwear, I have to take a moment to gush about Panache (check them out at Figleaves or Bare Necessities). They make gorgeous, on-trend suits exclusively for the D+ set. I adore the slanted stripes on this “Lucille” style, which make it incredibly slimming, and that sweet button trim is icing on the cake! Panache “Lucille” striped tankini: $59 tankini top (or $92 for bikini top), $32 bottom (take 10% off with code MISSING)
  3. Anything ikat makes me happy, but this particular version is slimming, and eliminates those tan lines on your shoulders. OndadeMar “Silk Butterfly” one-piece strapless w/detachable halter: $188 (take 25% off with code 4JULYSALE)
  4. This simple black suit is so classic, and so perfectly cut, you’ll feel chic and thin even on your worst “I feel fat” day. Badgley Mischka “Draped” one-piece, $108 (take 20% off with code NEW20)
  5. I can’t help it – this just screams summer to me. I love the wild blend of prints, and the simple, classic cut. Maaji Swimwear “Abstract Blow-Up” one-piece: $155 (take 25% off with code 4JULYSALE)
  6. *All codes should be good through July 4 at least.

Have a poolside cocktail for me!

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friday finds: the loooong version

Happy Friday, friends!  This list is quickly becoming more of a way for me to close the browser windows I keep open all week so that I don’t forget things to show you.  By the time we’re done here, my desktop is going to be squeaky clean…and I love it!

First things first, friends:  won’t you please come over and “like” my new ShoppingsMyCardio Facebook page?  It will just take a second, and will make me oh so happy.  I promise not to have one of those annoying pages that posts 10 times a day and takes up your whole feed…I hate that.

So, I haven’t been being all that good about letting you know where else I’ve been writing lately, and we should remedy that.  Mostly because I’m quite proud of an interview I recently did with Rachel Gorenstein, a woman who’s both the creative director & buyer for one of my favorite shops in Portland and the designer behind one of my favorite boutique labels, Rachel Mara.  Total dream job!  The feature was for a new print magazine (remember those?) called About Face, but you can also check it out here.  Also, this dress, which we featured in the piece, is my latest stalker-grade obsession.  Must. Have. It.

Also, I did a fun little feature for a local site called Neighborhood Notes, all about locally-made perfumes.  And I’ll tell you guys the joke I begrudgingly left out of the feature…the one about how when they asked me to write about Portland perfumes, I was instantly snickering to myself, thinking that a “Portland perfume” would have to be some sort of body odor/bong water concoction.  The locals would burn me alive…but I knew you’d think it was hysterical (because it’s true).

Anyway…on to our finds!

This week was “Preview Week” in NYC.  For those of you who don’t obsess over these things like I do, this is the week that virtually every brand that doesn’t show at Fashion Week was showcasing their new collections for Fall.  I’ll have more to show you next week, but for now, a little eye candy from the J.Crew preview.  For the full collection, check out the coverage from Racked and The Cut…but these are a few of my favorites:

Good bags, in particular, don’t you agree? And those plum wide-legged pants are mine, people.  If you’re now in a J.Crew mood (sorry about that), the good news is that they’re offering 20% off $150+ purchases this weekend.  The code is SUNNY…hey, here’s hoping.

I’m perpetually in an art-buying phase…right now, I’m getting ready to print some of my talented husband’s photography for our walls.  But I came across artist John Murphy’s collages for the second time recently, and fell in love with them all over again.  I’ve always wanted a diptych of these two, but how could I possibly be expected to resist that elephant, with the little flower poos?  (I can’t believe I just said “poo” on the blog.  Twice.)

Thoroughly awesome.

In the “cheap thrills” department, Lands’ End Canvas is having a ginormous clearance sale right now.  While I didn’t have much luck with their denim when I tried the brand a while back, I am sort of feeling I could use a back-up pair of skinny jeans for spring, and these Super Slim Jeans are $29, which is highly tempting.  This cut has almost 50% spandex, so really, how badly could they possibly fit?  I will warn that, in my experience, their denim runs s-m-a-l-l…so, size accordingly.

Oh!  Remember that pretty green Cole Haan bag I snagged earlier this month?  Well, nab 25% off the entire (full-price) Cole Haan handbag line today only with code…wait, wait, wait. You have to go to my Facebook or Twitter page to get the code.  Mean?  Extortion?  Nawwww…this is creative marketing, people!  Indulge me, won’t you?

And have a great weekend, friends!

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