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friday finds: the pre-birthday edition!

I have to start by telling you all that next week is going to be seriously amazing here at ShoppingsMyCardio. You see, it’s my fifth anniversary in the blogosphere. Can you imagine?  I can’t begin to tell you what a fantastic time it’s been, and how much I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you all. Truly, truly, I get up and do this every morning because I know you’re out there reading, a fact that brings me even more joy than my new Vince leather moto.

Since I’m finding myself ill-equipped to express myself with words, I’m giving you presents instead!  Yes, we’re doing a major, knock-down, flat-out amazing giveaway all of next week, so whatever you do, don’t forget to show up Monday to get in on the action!

In fact…okay, I can’t resist (I am the world’s worst secret-keeper). Here’s a little tease – can you guess any of the delicious prizes up for grabs?

And with that, on to Friday Finds!

I can never seem to get enough of the new goods at Chilewich. There’s just something about their use of texture and tone to make neutral pieces sing. The latest addition to their little family is this Electric Stripe utility mat, which comes in a few different stripey combos (though the blue is my favorite). It’s precisely the blend of utilitarian and inviting I’d want at my front door. Bonus: prices start at $45, and I spotted these most recently at my friendly neighborhood Ace Hardware, so they’re actually easy to acquire.

A.P.C., a French label known for clean, creative styles has just launched their Resort/Fall 2011 lookbook, and it’s a doozy. This “Resort/Fall” season is a relatively new phenom, but I’ll take all the new goodies I can get. Particularly that sleeveless shirtdress.

I just polished off Dreams of Joy, the latest Lisa See novel. It released this week, and if you’re a fan of hers, it’s a title you won’t want to miss. The first half starts a little slow, but the second half is utterly worth the wait. This continuation of Shanghai Girls (I don’t think you need to have read that title to enjoy this one) takes you deep into the world of communist China under Mao’s leadership. It’s full of that well-researched Chinese history See is known for, and the whole thing is so engrossing, even my husband couldn’t believe how rabidly I was devouring this one.

And, last but not least, I’m having another of my DIY moments – this time, I’m hellbent on recreating this gorgeous Isabal Marant necklace, as I adore it, but it’s too spendy for me even at half price. I seem to remember seeing these wavy, zig-zag-ish beads everywhere when I was just a wee shopper, but have no idea what they’re called or where I’d find them now. Any ideas?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends – I’ll be here, working away on the fabulous week ahead. But I hope you take plenty of time to enjoy the sun this weekend!

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