random friday finds: the happy edition

i’m in a fantabulous mood this friday, dear readers – my parents are headed to town, and i have so many goodies planned!  wine tasting, loads of good food, and a couple of shopping stops i know my mom will adore.  should be a great weekend.

plus, it happens to be the birthday of one of my very dear friends and my first official shoppingsmycardio devotee.  that deserves some celebration, don’t you agree?  since this particular dear friend is the ultimate “eternal optimist” (and since her card is late), i thought i’d throw together a few of my favorite “happy” finds i’ve come across on the web this week in her honor.  i hope they bring a smile to your face…and to hers!


yep, that’s right, there’s a new man in town on the tea towel circuit, and since no one does graphics quite like the talented mr. adler, i’m all aflutter!  could i have one of each, please?  hey, at $12 each, they’re by far the most affordable JA splurge you’ll encounter.  wait…oh lordie, he has a new penguin too.  and a dachsund….oh my!


i know, socks in the summer seem a little off.  but these appropriately-dubbed “happy socks” just launched over at steven alan are just that. hey, we all need something to let the moisturizer soak into our tortured, flip-flop-wearin’ feet, right?  plus, in the evening, when my hubs turns the a/c up, i feel a little silly wearing uggs in july. 


and, how’s this for happy?  i got the most exciting note last night from the gals at the bright side project that i’d won that gorgeous initial necklace from designer ariel gordon!  the internet is so, so awesome.  seriously, if you haven’t entered any of the giveaways at the bright side, why on earth not?

have a wonderful, happy weekend, everyone!

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4 comments on “random friday finds: the happy edition

  1. Alex/galexiegirl

    I love those tea towels!! Fun finds. Have you been to the Happy Socks website? They’re all equally “happy”!
    Nice to see you’re doing so well over here!
    : )

    alex (BYW)

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