enamored with enamel (and a tale of a bad hair day)

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dear readers, i have to be honest:  i’m having a wretched day.  last night, i got maybe the worst haircut i’ve had since perms were in style (layers, lots and lots of layers…it’s not pretty).  and so today, my heart’s just not with the world of fashion and style.

in the hopes that it will cheer me, i am powering through.  i thought i’d show off some sweet enameled jewelry i came across recently by designer rachel comey, at the always-wonderful refinery 29.  for those that aren’t familiar, comey is the darling of the most hip and happening in the style world – her shoes in particular are coveted far and wide, and can be impossible to track down.

her shoes are fabulous, but personally, i’m flipping for her jewelry this season.  these gold and enamel pieces feel somehow retro and modern at the same time, and i love that they’re lighthearted without being too young.  i can see any of the women on mad men wearing those darling clip earrings, but i can also see the hippest girl i know adding that long locket necklace to a pile of chains for a perfect focal point.

the earrings in particular are a pretty cool concept, actually.  they’re $15 each (on sale, thank you!) – that’s per earring.  so, you can mix, match, or use them for any manner of purposes – clipped to a small hair barrette (the kind that will be holding my hair back from sight for the foreseeable future), the button hole of a cardigan, or even onto a thick chain as a pendant.  if you’re opposed to the clip earring, of course, these could easily be converted to posts by your friendly neighborhood jeweler.

i pictured the simpler of the two necklaces available – the long locket ($80, also on sale) – because, well, it’s just more my style. it’s so simple and classic, and would be beautiful with virtually anything. it feels like something you scored in a vintage shop, but better.  of course, if you want something a little crazier (ie, the type of person my hair stylist apparently thought i was), the multi-charm necklace has six of these enamel charms strung on a leather cord, and would be just the thing to add some serious style to a crewneck tee for the weekend.

so, what do you think: will you be indulging in a little enamel this fall?

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3 comments on “enamored with enamel (and a tale of a bad hair day)

  1. Sarah H.

    I am really sorry about your hair! I got a terrible cut this summer (all my fault, I asked for something that made me look like a mushroom head) and cried for like two days.

    But, at least it’s the season for hats?

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    sarah, i’m so glad you share my pain, but i’m sorry you too had to suffer through the mushroom head (that’s *exactly* what i have too!). i think you’re right…hats are the answer. sigh!

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