for the typographically inclined

when i originally spotted these necklaces from erica weiner, i thought “oh, how pretty!”.  then i realized those little gold bar pendants are actually vintage letterpress letters, and my eyes got really big.

i’ve always been one of those weird font freaks, someone who has oddly strong opinions on serif versus san serif texts in a given situation.  i also happen to love letterpress…well, really, all things printing.  so, for me, this is inordinately cool.

just tell erica the letters you want her to use, and she’ll pick out different (complementary) vintage letterpress letters from her stash, plate them in 14K gold, and send them off on a pretty gold chain.  i love that it’s a decidedly un-cheesy version of the now-ubiquitous initial necklace, and it would be absolutely perfect for the friend you can’t pull out of the stationery store, or the girl you always go to when your resumé needs to be restyled.

pick one out at erica’s website for $75 – a little pricey for a friend gift, perhaps, but we’re all about wishlists here, right?

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