falling for: marc by marc jacobs

It’s been a considerable amount of time since I really fell hard for a Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. In years past, the collection has become a bit too juvenile for my taste – though I love the aesthetic, it’s time to admit that I’m no longer 19.

But this fall’s collection is just a touch more grown-up, a bit more refined, and I’m smitten.

The genius of the whole collection, in addition to being adorable, is that it’s incredibly cohesive. Each and every one of those pieces could be mixed-and-matched to dazzling effect – the warm caramels with the vivid emerald green and a hint of tomato red to keep the whole thing from being too serious. In a perfect world, the entire collection would be mine…but if nothing else, those two bags and maybe the color-blocked cardigan definitely deserve a prime spot in my closet.

Check out the entire runway collection here, or skip the middle man and shop it right here.

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5 comments on “falling for: marc by marc jacobs

  1. Jocy

    I remember being obsessed with Marc by Marc Jacobs (ten years ago – really???). I forgot all about them. This collection is much more grown up.

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