gift guide: nichole robertson’s finds for the francophile

{Editor’s Note: This year, I’ve asked a few of the people whose style I spend all year admiring to share their holiday wish lists. Stay tuned – we’ll have a new expert every day for the next two weeks!} french gift guide

I was about to launch into a long story about how much I love Paris. But really, who doesn’t love Paris? Who isn’t fantasizing about jetting off to the City of Lights at the first available opportunity? And therefore, who wouldn’t want a chic Parisian souvenir for the holidays? Nichole Robertson is one-half of the duo behind Obvious State, and the incredibly talented photographer/author of Paris in Color, her gorgeous (and Daisy-approved) series of color-themed snaps of her daily life in the City of Lights. Yes, you heard me. Her daily life. Because you see, besides being a bestselling author, Nichole gets to spend a few months a year living in Paris – eating croissant, drinking café au lait, and imbibing in that quintessentially French je ne sais quois.

Nichole is also seriously committed to supporting the wonderful world of handmade, so brace yourselves for some highly covetable Etsy finds in this lot. And PS: if anyone’s looking for a gift for me? I’ll take those Obvious State black & gold Paris prints, please.

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  1. My husband, Evan Robertson, designed this series of illustrations to celebrate the things you do in Paris, rather than the things you see. Black and gold Paris prints, $80/set of 4
  2. I can never have enough of these. The beautiful fragrance lingers for hours, and the design is classic Paris. Diptyque Baies candle, $60
  3. Can’t make it to Ladurée? No problem. These colorful, airy macaroons are amazing, and available in the US. Sparkles macarons, from $18
  4. This stamp + plain cardstock = stylish thank you card in a pinch. Merci Beaucoup stamp, $20
  5. I have this map, and every time I look at it, I find new lovely details. Watercolor map of Paris, $25
  6. Stylish? For sure. Useful? Definitely. Just be sure to strategically turn to the appropriate side when questions arise. Oui/Non earrings, $12 
  7. “It’s all good” sounds so much better in French, don’t you think? A fun accessory for any Francophile’s sofa. C’est si bon felt pillow, $97
  8. Learn French one hour at a time. Certainly better than flashcards, non? Quelle Heure clock, $60
  9. How fun is this? Equal parts charming and irreverent. Merde Il Pleut umbrella, $45
  10. I bring back at least a dozen bars of French butter every time I return back from Paris. Bordier butter is my favorite, but you can’t get that in the States. Echire is #2 on the list, and though a bit pricey, it is available on Amazon! Echire salted French butter, $25
  11. There’s just something about sipping a foamy latte from the real deal. Vintage French latte bowls, $30 (more here)
  12. All of the colors from The Paris Color Project available in sets of nine. Great for framing, sending or giving (they make fantastic office-mate gifts!). Paris Print Shop postcards, $36/four sets of 9 cards
  13. Old-fashioned blue ticking is has such French country charm – these make me want to host a dinner party! Blue French ticking cloth napkins, $24/4
  14. Travel along with Ann Mah as she eats her way through France, including Andouillette (for better or worse – ha!). Mastering the Art of French Eating, $16

Thank you so much, Nichole! And PS: she might be too modest to say so, but Paris in Color would make an amazing gift for just about anyone. For more of Nichole and Evan’s brilliance, check out Obvious State

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